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Raw Memories: #9 Punk Drops the Bomb

Raw Moment #9:
Bombs away!
Photo from WWE
By Kevin Hunsperger
@kevinhunsperger & @my123cents on Twitter

Most of my favorite Raw moments go back in time, but one of the top memories for me occurred last year when CM Punk dropped his so called "pipe bomb".  John Cena had been laid out in the ring.  Punk grabbed the mic, parked himself at the top of the ramp and went on a rant.

It seemed to me that Punk spoke straight from the heart that night and I think it really connected with the fans.  This was the big buildup to Cena and Punk's WWE title match at Money in the Bank.  Punk's contract was set to expire and Punk promised he'd walk out with the championship and hold it hostage. Punk delivered on that promise, winning the belt and bolting the arena that night.

This initial speech laid the groundwork for many of the story lines in the company.  Vince McMahon was "relieved" of his duties, Triple H emerged as the COO, and John Laurinaitis became the Raw interim general manager.

Punk really did speak the truth, and I loved the phrase about "glad handing, nonsensical, douche bag yes men."  He also took a shot at Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, and just as he was about to continue his rant, Punk's mic got cut off.

My only wish was they would have stretched out the title hostage situation.  I also wish they would have worked Colt Cabana into the angle in more than just a mention on TV.  I know Colt is happy doing his thing, but a cameo appearance would have been great.

Honorable mention: The birth of Mr. Socko
Photo from WWE
Honorable Mention:  During the Monday Night Wars, Vince McMahon and is crew decided to create an evil boss character.  McMahon embroiled in a memorable feud with Stone Cold Steve Austin.  The two beat the hell out of each other every chance they got.  At one point the CEO ended up in the hospital and in an attempt to cheer up the boss, Mankind showed up.  

After bringing balloons, chocolate and even a clown, Mick Foley decided to Vince needed a sock puppet to make him smile.  Mr. Socko emerged, a hand drawn face on an old tube sock.  But Vince was less than impressed and kicked everyone out of the room.  Of course when the doctor appeared it was Stone Cold who proceeded to beat the hell out of Vince again, right there in the hospital.

Vince's expressions throughout the bit are priceless and it gave way to one of the most famous non-wrestlers in the history of the business.  Socko still makes an appearance every now and again, and I wouldn't be surprised if we see him on July 23rd as well.

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