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Raw Memories: #6 Nexus Forms

Raw Memory #6:
The Nexus Forms
Photo from WWE
By Kevin Hunsperger
@kevinhunsperger & @my123cents

The summer of 2010 saw the formation of one of the best angles in recent years in the WWE.  The rookies from the newly created NXT show rallied together to take on the entire locker room.  The main event of Raw was coming to the closing minutes (it was CM Punk vs. John Cena) when the rookies hit the ring.

Not only did they hit the ring, they hit everyone in it too.  Luke Gallows, who was in Punk's corner got assaulted as did Punk.  The group of eight then focused their efforts on Cena.  Not one to fall victim, Cena struck first, but was quickly overpowered and beaten.  Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler did a great job selling the assault.  In fact, members of the super group headed outside the ring and beat down the King as Cole scurried away.  That move lead some to believe Cole was the brains behind the group, but thankfully that never turned out to be the case.

Justin Roberts gets choked up.
Ringside officials were also attacked.  Ring announcer Justin Roberts was choked with his own tie by Daniel Bryan.  It's a move that allegedly lead to Bryan's brief termination from the company.  The members of Nexus tore about the ring, the barricades around the ring, and the announce tables.  It was probably the most destructive and damaging attack in the history of the WWE.  I thought that night couldn't have been done any better.

Of course in the weeks and months that followed, I think the WWE creative team dropped the ball.  That's a topic for another time, but I wanted to focus on the moment this group formed and how well their destructive behavior came across that night.

Honorable Mention:
Ho, ho, oh no!
Foley takes on Santa
Honorable Mention:  'Twas days before Christmas... and Mick Foley was booked in a match with Santa Claus.  But this was no ordinary match.  Stephanie McMahon and Triple H were running the show.  They booked Foley (or Mankind) into a boiler room brawl with the Jolly Old elf.  Before the match even started, the Mean Street Posse beat Foley and tossed him in the room.  That lead to the famous phrase "Did I just get my ass kicked by the Mean Street Posse?  That's embarrassing."

Foley asked Santa to just walk out of the room and win the match.  As he turned his back to let Nick when, he was jumped by several other Santas.  Foley fought them off, but eventually was confronted by more men in red and white.  Billy Gunn and the Road Dogg were among them.  Just when it looked like things were going Foley's way when he got nailed by one last Santa.  This time it was Triple H who whacked Mankind with a bag full of something.  Trips then walked out of the boiler room and was declared the winner by referee Teddy Long.

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