Friday, July 20, 2012

Aces & Eights: Does No One in TNA Care?

Aces & Eights attack
Photo from Impact Wrestling
By Chad Smart
@chadsmart & @my123cents on Twitter

During my sabbatical over the last month something odd has happened. WWE has gotten (imo) very stale and repetitive while TNA has gotten focused, entertaining and, dare I say, good. Watching the July 19 episode of Impact, there was reason for all the matches happening and the matches were given time to tell a story. Also, the booking of the outcomes of the matches made sense and made the Bound for Glory series seem like a big deal. I am at a point where I look forward to the following week’s episode of Impact. That is something I don’t think has ever happened during Impact’s 8-year history.

While I’m enjoying the current TNA product, there was one problem I had with the events that transpired on Impact. No, I’m not talking about the AJ Styles/Claire Lynch storyline. I am giving TNA a pass on that for being the one lame story being told. Until it takes up 30 minutes or more of the show, I’m content with pretending it doesn’t exist. The problem I have is the attacks by this new mystery group, Aces and Eights.

Over the past couple weeks, Aces and Eights attacked Sting and Hulk Hogan. They made their one attack and that was it. On the last episode of Impact, A&8s attacked Kurt Angle at the beginning of the show then rushed the ring during the main event to attack both Austin Aries and Bobby Roode. While I appreciate a good gang beat down, my question is where was the rest of the TNA roster to stop the attack?

Bobby Roode isn’t the most popular person in the TNA locker room so it could be stated the rest of the roster couldn’t care less if Bobby got attacked. Austin Aries is the World Champion and the guy who has helped elevate TNA over the last eight months. Doesn’t he have any X-Division buddies who would want to help him out when seven-eight guys are attacking him? Even forgetting the rest of the roster, where was TNA security?

They strike again
Photo from: Impact Wrestling
The attack and non-response scenario has been happening for the past few years in wrestling and is something that has bothered me. Whenever a guy is getting beat up how come no one ever comes out to help? Is no one watching the show on a monitor in the back? If attacks are going to happen, and last for more than 30 seconds, someone should at least attempt to make a save even if they end up getting laid out themselves.

I’ve read some possible theories about how A&8s are able to enter and leave the Impact Zone and who is behind the group. If these rumors pan out, I will be interested to see how the story plays out. Right now I don’t get an nWo vibe from the group so I won’t complain about that. Though I do get a Swarm/Shard/17 vibe from the group and their possible reasoning for attacking. Maybe someone in TNA is an avid Chikara fan.

Whatever happens, I just hope TNA has a long term plan in place and tries to keep the story simple and logical. That’s really all I ask for in my wrestling storylines. They can also end the AJ Styles/Claire Lynch story at any time in the next week. It’s really not that interesting.

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  1. 100% agree with you on aces and eights, think many people were asking the same question - where's the security or other wrestlers??

    I personally find the Claire Lynch storyline hilarious though, I look forward to her gurning appearances more than the comedy of Joseph Park.

  2. IDK where the roster is. But I know who some of the members of aces and eights are. maybe all of them. definitely some...