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Lockdown: Building a Champion

Bobby Roode (ImpactWrestling)
By Chad Smart
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It’s been awhile since I’ve written one of these. Between the Wrestlemania trip and the recouping from the Wrestlemania trip, my writing had been put on the backburner. Well actually it was behind the backburner. While I had some thoughts on recent events in wrestling, Brock’s return, the re-debuts of Albert and Skip Sheffield, I think too much time has passed to where my thoughts are past their expiration date. If you are interested in my thoughts on those subjects you can check out the archives of “From the Rafters” radio program.  You should also listen to the show every Thursday night at 7pm CST. AAPW staff members Chris Hagstram, Adam Testa and the wrestling roommate Aaron Heller, join Kevin for an hour of wrestling discussion.

So without the other topics to cover, I needed to find something to write about. Thankfully TNA had a pay per view on Sunday, and like most TNA shows, it left a bad taste in most of the viewer’s mouths. I didn’t see the show so I’m only going by reports but in this instance I think the fans are missing the bigger point.

In the World Title cage match between former tag-team partners James Storm and champion Robert Roode, Storm was on the verge of victory before super kicking Roode who fell out of the cage through the door and winning the match. Fans were outraged because they claimed the ending made Roode look weak and the build up was perfectly suited for Storm winning. While there may be reasons to support those arguments, I think the ending while maybe not perfect was the right way to go.

First off, James Storm is one of the few original stars TNA has managed to create in their 10-year history. Losing the match won’t stall Storm’s momentum. Especially since fans will feel Storm was robbed of the title and will get behind him as he attempts to get another shot at the title.

Impact Wrestling
On the other hand, Robert Roode has grown into a solid champion and I feel TNA should let Roode hold the title for quite a while longer. One of my biggest complaints with the current wrestling booking philosophy is to hot shot titles with no rhyme or reason. In today’s environment it’s safe to assume 80% of members of the roster will be known as former World Champions. I know Kevin and I tend to romanticize the 80s as a golden era in wrestling and we’re seeing the past through rose-colored glasses. Looking at that era though, look at all the guys who would have been credible World Champions yet never held the title. Guys like Ted DiBiase, Rick Rude, King Kong Bundy, and Bam Bam Bigelow. None of these guys are thought of any less because they were never world champions. So why do current wrestling bookers/writers/whatever seem to think every wrestler should be champion?

Getting back to Robert Roode, I’d like to see TNA keep the title on Roode at least through Bound For Glory. Give him some solid competition and let him win some matches decisively. TNA has created an original star in Roode. Hopefully the trend of bringing in ex-WWE guys and immediately pushing them to the top is over. TNA has established a solid champion. They shouldn’t sacrifice Roode for a cheap pop. Continue to let him grow and add some legitimacy to the title.

Flair & Hogan (Impact Wrestling)
One item from Lockdown that does have me scared though is the possible match between Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair. It’s been 20 years since this match up was captivating. 14 years since it was watchable. In 2012, neither guy should be competing in a match. So, TNA, please just say no.

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