Thursday, April 26, 2012

Get Well, Buff

Hanging with Buff Bagwell circa 1998
By Kevin Hunsperger
@kevinhunsperger & @my123cents on Twitter

Marcus "Buff" Bagwell continues to recover from a near fatal car accident.  The former WCW star crashed his Jeep after possibly suffering a seizure.

TMZ has released the 911 call from his wife, Judy.  She explains that Buff has been on medication.  You'll also hear from other witnesses to the crash.  Click this link to listen.

From the reports I've read Buff broke his neck in the accident.  I hope and pray that he makes a full recovery from this.  We all know he broke his neck several years ago while wrestling Rick Steiner.  I have seen no updates on his condition today (April 26) or if there has been an official ruling on the cause of the crash.

I had the pleasure of meeting Bagwell in 1998 when I was working as a news reporter in Alabama.  WCW was doing a live episode of Thunder in Huntsville.  A couple of coworkers and I headed over to do some pre-show interviews.  I had no idea who we were going to get to talk with, but Buff was one of the guys on the list. Right before we started rolling, we had a brief conversation.  He decided to do the entire interview in character, which was quite entertaining.  This was during his feud with the Steiners after Buff joined the nWo.  I felt like he played that cocky heel role nicely.  I know some people in the Internet Wrestling Community hate on Bagwell, but I found him to be a pretty cool guy.  We talked after the interview too, and I really enjoyed the experience.

Below is link to that interview too.  There are others on the video, including Bobby Heenan and Ray "the Big Bossman" Traylor.  We'll post updates on Bagwell's condition on our Facebook page when we get more details.

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