Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Will Wrestlemania 'Rock'?

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Unless you've been living under a rock, pardon the pun, you know that THE Rock, Dwayne Johnson is back with the WWE.  At least for now, as he is the "guest host" for Wrestlemania.

I love the Rock.  He's one of my all time favorites, as I've posted in a previous blog.  He is a character who brings a lot of excitement and energy to the product.  And let's be honest, since he left several years ago, there's been a huge void.  I look forward to seeing him live at Wrestlemania, as I never got a chance to see him as "the Rock" in person.  Except for when he inducted his father, Rocky Johnson into the Hall of Fame back in 2008. But this will be different.  He'll be at Wrestlemania. 

My only concern is does Wrestlemania need a guest host?  This year, the answer is probably yes.  I've discussed the potential card with some of my friends, and it's really not got that "Wrestlemania" feel to it.  Of course that could all change in the coming weeks, I really hope it does.
Really though, Wrestlemania is the biggest event on the wrestling calendar.  It really doesn't need a host, does it?  I hope this doesn't turn into a typical episode of Raw when they were doing the guest host thing.  Will the Bella Twins be draped over Dwayne like a cheap suit?  Will the Rock actually wrestle?  I'll admit, I haven't seen all of Raw from last night, I will watch it soon, but there is already buzz of a John Cena-Rock match at Mania.  That has the potential to be huge. 

We know the Rock is still in shape and relatively young (he's only a year older than me) and I think he could still "go."  But will he?  Does he need to?  He has nothing left to prove and putting Cena over isn't exactly something Cena needs either.  I did see the open to Raw where Cena plead his case about "needing" to win the Elimination Chamber because he had a "bad year."  Whatever.  That promo made me want to puke.  I had no sympathy for the guy's character.  In real life, I'm sure he's great, but the TV version of John Cena has gotten old.  But I'm digressing again...

Bottom line, I'm glad the Rock is going to be at Wrestlemania, but I still question whether the event needs a host, and what exactly his role will be at the event.  I'm just glad it wasn't one of the rumored hosts like Bob Barker or Justin Bieber.

If ya smell what the crock is cooking. 

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  1. I'm glad I am not the only one who thought Cena pleading for his case was nothing short of annoying on his end. I'm kinda sick of his complaints.