Saturday, February 5, 2011

Kelly Kelly, Giant Slayers, & Midget Stomping

Kelly Kelly & me in Poplar Bluff back in 2006
SmackDown! 2/4/11: 

Kelly Kelly has always been one of my favorite divas.  While her skills in the ring aren't on the same level as Natalya or Beth Phoenix, Kelly has certainly developed as a performer over the last few years.  Not only have her wrestling skills gotten better, but she seems more confident during her back stage segments too.

She's involved in a pretty big angle on SmackDown!, and even Dolph Ziggler had twitted something about "Kelly Kelly defending the World Heavyweight title" prior to the match Friday night.  I thought that was pretty funny.

I had watched the match totally expecting Kelly to take the fall and lose the title for Edge.  I was pleasantly surprised that she didn't.  And not only did she not end up losing, she won the match for her team.  Nice spear by Kelly.  But now that she's "fired" from SD, I'm curious to see how she ends up back on the show or if she's heading back to Raw.  She'll definitely be one I'll continue to watch in 2011, and hope for big things for her.

Other SmackDown! thoughts:

The Corre has pretty has pretty much slain the Big Show.  It seemed as if Show as getting a pretty decent push, but after relatively quick exit from the Royal Rumble (thanks to Ezekiel).  Then Friday night Wade Barrett beat the big man to advance on to the Elimination Chamber.  After the Rumble I thought maybe they were leading us to a Big Show-Diesel match at Wrestlemania.  Now I'm wondering if they're building to a battle with Zeke.  Or maybe Diesel and Show against the Corre. Or at least three of the members.  We'll have to wait and see.

What's the point of the number one contender to the world title beating up a little person?  I  know it was to get cheap heat, but really, I would like to think there are other ways to get Alberto Del Rio over as your top heel.  And your number one contender.  I would have rather seen him in a match Friday night.  Put him over someone and make the fans buy the fact that he's a contender for the title.

Booker T at Wrestlemania 22
Booker T is back on Friday nights too.  Personally, I wasn't sure how I was going to like him being on the announce team.  But again, like Kelly Kelly's performance in the ring last night, I was pleasantly surprised with Booker's announcing.  Michael Cole however is a whole other story.

Cole needs to leave SmackDown! or Raw.  We don't need him on both.  And they can call him the "voice of the WWE" all they want, but that doesn't mean we have to accept it.  I really wish they'd bring JR back to Raw.  But that's not likely to happen either.

Next week we get another title match between Ziggler and Edge.  This time Vickie Guerrero herself will referee the affair.  I'm not sure why they keep going back to the well on this one and stacking the deck against Edge.  Ziggler has really improved a lot and in my opinion has the skills to win the title without all these extra stipulations.  I still predict somehow Edge will come out on top of this one.  If Zig does win, I could see Edge regaining the title at the Elimination Chamber, as it's highly unlikely we'll get a Ziggler-Del Rio match at Mania.  While these are two rising stars, it's too risky to have both of them involved in one of the most important matches on the biggest card of the year.

I didn't take notes during SmackDown!, so I think that's all I wanted to talk about.  Nothing else is sticking out to me.  Oh yeah, the Chamber match is shaping up nicely.  I like McIntyre being in it.  Had to expect Rey just because.  I'm guessing we'll get Kofi Kingston vs. Jack Swagger on the undercard.  Thanks for reading, and check out My 1-2-3 Cents on YouTube too.  Also, leave your comments, both good and bad.  I appreciate it!


  1. All right, to be honest, I'm putting this on here just to get a reaction out of you. My dad's girlfriend is the daughter of Chris Taylor, olympic wrestler (I mean the real stuff, wrestler) and her first memory is of Andre the Giant sitting on their coffee table and breaking it. Awesome, right? :-D

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