Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fans May End Up Stung

Since that little clip of a man walking up the steps to a house in the rain aired on Monday Night Raw this week, there has been a lot of buzz as to who it is.
He's wearing what appears to be cowboy boots and a trench coat.  The date 2/21/11 appears at the end of the video.

Many believe it's either the Undertaker, who hasn't been seen on WWE TV since he was "buried alive" by Kane and the Nexus at Bragging Rights.  But really, I don't think it's the Undertaker.  Why would he return on a Monday night.  You'd think he'd return to SmackDown where Wade Barrett the former Nexus leader is now wrestling.

The biggest buzz so far has been that it's Sting.  While I would really like for it to be the Stinger, I'm not hopeful.  The reasons people think it's Sting is because there was a similar promo that aired in 1997 (I think that's the year) prior to his big battle with Hulk Hogan at Starrcade.  Sting coming to the WWE would be monumental, but again I'm not holding my breath.  He's still under contract with TNA from what I've read.  At least he's still listed as a member of the roster.

Of course with the Sting talk, then there's buzz that we'll get Sting vs. Undertaker at Mania.  That's an exciting thought, but would have been even better a decade ago.  Maybe even 15 years ago.  But I digress.

No, I don't think it's Sting or the Undertaker in that video.  I believe it's Skip Sheffield.  You know, the former member of the Nexus.  He broke his ankle over the summer shortly after the gimmick was getting good.

Hear me out, as to why I think that.  The person in the video was wearing cowboy boots and a trench coat. Remember Sheffield's gimmick on NXT?  He was basically a pumped up cowboy.  Another reason I think it's him: Sheffield was recently named one of the 11 to watch in 2011.  I'm sure he's in line for some sort of push.

Of course if it is him, I'll be extremely disappointed.  Especially now that all this talk is centering around it being Sting.  I will say one thing, I believe 2/11/11 will be the most anticipated date since the launch of Y2J back in August 1999.

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