Friday, February 11, 2011

Flashback Friday: The Madness Begins

Courtesy: WWE
February 8, 1986: This week's flashback takes us back 25 years ago this week.  The "Macho Man" Randy Savage took the first step in becoming one of the biggest names in the history of wrestling.  It was on that night that he defeated Tito Santana for the Intercontinental title.

Savage hadn't been with the WWF for very long, but it was clear when he arrived he was going to be a star.  His flamboyant clothes, raspy voice, and skills in the ring helped to get him over with the fans.   Of course his hot wife, Elizabeth, being in his corner didn't hurt either.  Liz was really the first female in the WWF who didn't look like a lady wrestler.  (Back then the women were a little tougher looking than they do today, although I always found Wendi Ritcher hot)

Anyway, Savage beat Santana for the belt in Boston.  It was a match that was taped for TV, so the title didn't officially change hands until a couple of weeks later.  They used to tape several weeks at a time back then.

I remember watching this match as it aired on Prime Time Wrestling.  This was long before Raw or SmackDown! and PTW provided matches that were taped in several different arenas and thrown together on one show, which was hosted by Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan.  But again, I'm getting sidetracked.  Sorry.

Savage was new to the company but clearly Vince McMahon had big ideas for him.  Savage really put on a good match with everyone he wrestled.  Fans loved to hate him, especially when he mistreated Elizabeth.  Macho used a foreign object to knock out Santana and win the IC belt.  It's a title he held for more than a year.  That's something unheard of today.

Savage went on to defend the belt against Santana, George "the Animal" Steele, Jake "the Snake" Roberts, and most notably Ricky "the Dragon" Steamboat.  The two had one of the best matches in Wrestlemania history.  It still holds up as one of the all time greats.

That run with the IC title was only the beginning of his WWF success.  He would go on to turn babyface and win the world title twice.  He later held the WCW title too.

Macho Man has fallen out of favor with the WWE and Vince McMahon.  I'm still hoping one day that changes and Savage takes his rightful spot in the Hall of Fame.  Dig it?


  1. I'm surprised he hasn't been inducted to be quite frank. I mean, on vintage wrestling, don't they still air some of the famous Macho Madness in his matches and what not? You'd figure anyone out of favour with the company wouldn't get any exposure, past or present. Oh well. I miss Macho Man. A great wrestler, even if he was a tad mad behind the scenes.