Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Teaching the rWo a lesson

Disciplinary Action vs. The rWo 

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There's been an underlying tension between The Ragin' Redneck (now Hollywood Redneck) and 'The Stone Cold Plumster' Josh Plumlee since early this year. The two came to blows at a Stride Pro Wrestling benefit show in Christopher, Illinois in March. Then in May, as Plumlee (a teacher at Community Consolidated School Dist. 204 in Pinckneyville) was teaming with high school principal Tony Wilson, Redneck, who was the special guest referee, turned on the educators. 
Wilson for the pin
Despite the despicable act, Disciplinary Action overcame the challenge and beat the DR Party that night. Now the duo is looking for revenge. Wilson and Plumlee are teaming up once again, this time their target is the Redneck World Order. Hollywood Redneck and Cole James are the former Stride tag team champions. They'll go into battle this Saturday night at CCSD 204. 

rWo wins the gold
Redneck has been running his mouth since Stride's return in August. Now that he has the backing of the rWo, he's been even mouthier than usual. You must also factor that third man in the group who will be lurking outside the ring. Disciplinary Action may be a new unit, but Wilson and Plumlee work well together. They'll take their positive attitude and cohesiveness into battle. That could tip the scales in their favor, no matter how many rWo members show up.

It's time for the Redneck to learn some respect. I have no doubt Plumlee and Wilson are ready to teach him some. Join us Saturday night (Oct. 6). Bell time is at 6:30, but a meet & greet with Impact Wrestling star Abyss begins at 5. We'll see you there.

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