Wednesday, October 17, 2018

My variations of WWE's 'World Cup'

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I'm having some fun with the upcoming World Cup tournament WWE has planned for the Crown Jewel event. I'm staying away from the controversy surrounding the location. (For the record, I think it's a good idea to move the event.) Since all the competitors were born and raised in the USA, I decided to offer up some alternatives from both WWE, Impact Wrestling and the indy scene. 

WWE Current Roster (NXT included)
Daniel Bryan - USA
Kevin Owens - Canada 
Pete Dunn - United Kingdom
Finn Balor - Ireland
Cesaro - Sweden
Andrade “Cien” Almas - Mexico
Rusev - Bulgaria 
Jinder Mahal - India

WWE Legends (Competed in the 80s or 90s)
Sgt. Slaughter - USA
Tito Santana - Mexico

British Bulldog - United Kingdom
Iron Sheik - Iran
Nikolai Volkoff - Russia
"Rowdy" Roddy Piper - Scotland
Yokozuna - Japan
Andre the Giant - France

WWE 80s & 90s Lower to Mid Carders
Cpl. Kirschner - USA
Outback Jack - Australia
Tiger Chung Lee - Japan
Killer Khan - Mongolia 
SD Jones - Antigua and Barbuda
Giant Gonz├ílez - Argentina 
Boris Zhukov - Russia
Tony Garea - New Zealand

Impact Wrestling (Past & Present)
Kurt Angle - USA
Bobby Roode - Canada
Konnan - Mexico
Taiji Ishimori - Japan
Rob Terry - United Kingdom
Bhupinder Singh - India

Grado - Scotland
Basile Barka - France

Stride Pro Wrestling (four men, double elimination)
Heath Hatton - USA
Tony Flood - Canada
Jose Magnifico - Mexico
Wraith - Punjabi, India (his fall residence) 

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