Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The hypocritical blogger

By Kevin Hunsperger
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I write every day at work. Then I come home and write more. New blogs are published here daily (since enacting a blog streak in May). Most afternoons I write a blog or two for my freelance business. But I do very little reading. I proofread what I've written and I read other articles and blogs when doing research. But overall I'm not a huge fan of reading. I'd much rather watch a YouTube video or listen to a podcast.

I hate that about myself. The last book I read was Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. In fact the franchise of books is the only fiction I've read as an adult. I have Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (my son does actually) and I do intend to read it. But it will be the first book I've read since 2010 (I got started on the books after Deathly Hallows was published in 2007).

Mankind's first book
Most of my reading over the last 16 years (and I can pinpoint it to the year 2000 when the Rock and Mankind each published autobiographies around the same time) has been non fiction material. I've read a lot of entertainment related biographies, with the majority being wrestling related. But over the past six years I've simply not made the time to read like I once did.

So here I write every day hoping you and others will read it. Some blogs go over better than others. Subject matter plays a role, as does the distribution method. Timing is critical and after seeing some success, there's room for even more improvement and growth. If you happen to be a blogger and reading this, what are your tips for success? Non-bloggers, thanks! Please leave a note and let me know what kind of content you like to read. Feedback is always welcome here and taken very seriously.

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  1. I am guilty of this too. Writing as often as I do, it is hard to sit down and stare at words for another hour. I have a list of books I want to get to, and I will get to them. But I cannot cruise through five books a week like my wife does. Maybe when our kids move out and we have more time to ourselves... but until then, slow it goes.