Thursday, August 11, 2016

The time I spent 20 bucks on a box of cereal

Booty O's
By Kevin Hunsperger
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That time was two weeks ago. But there's a good reason I spent four or five times more on this box of cereal than any other box I've ever purchased. The cereal has a WWE connection. It's called Booty O's and is part of the marketing gimmick behind current WWE tag team champions The New Day. You can watch my review of the cereal on the YouTube link below.

I ordered the Booty O's off the site F.Y.E. it was $13 and after tax and shipping the total toppled the $20 mark. It was an expense I would never typically make, but I look at it as a business expense. I did a Facebook Live review of the cereal along with the YouTube video above and the blog you're now reading. Was it worth it? Only time will tell. By the way it looks and tastes a lot like Lucky Charms. And with the name Booty O's, I'm grateful there's no chocolate in this cereal. 

But I had a blast doing the live review. More people than I expected logged on at noon and asked questions during the show. I've found the best way to use Facebook Live is when you're interacting and engaging with the audience.  

Not bad
I like Booty O's, but I won't be spending $20 on the cereal again. It's something that if I saw at the store for the price of a usual box of cereal I'd throw it in the cart. It's a testament to the marketing power of WWE and the hard work and determination displayed by New Day members Xavier Woods, Kofi Kington and Big E. They took the lemons they were given early in the gimmick and made cereal (and lots of other cool merchandise) out of them. New Day does in fact rock. But I still need to figure out what it means to be booty.  

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