Thursday, August 25, 2016

The great chip debate

By Kevin Hunsperger
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There's been a debate of sorts developing in our home. It came up at the dinner table recently. No, not Clinton or Trump or the Cards versus the Cubs. Instead it's a battle over tortilla chips. Yeah you read that right. 

The dip
It started after I made a batch of creamy salsa tip. It's easy enough, take a jar of salsa and blend it with a brick of cream cheese. It's awesome. But while eating the dip with my wife's favorite chips, Tostitos Cantina Thin and Crispy. I don't dislike these chips, but because of the thickness of dip, I prefer to eat it with my favorite: On the Border Cafe Style. The chips are thick and very tasty too. They can stand up to any dip they're up against. Our daughter sides with my wife, while our middle son is on Team OTB. Our oldest wasn't home for dinner to weigh in on this crucial debate.

I've loved On the Border chips for years now. It's my preferred tortilla chip when having Mexican night at dinner. But I will say the Tostitos Cantina chips are good too. I will crumble them up and mix them with beans, turkey and cheese and eat the combo with a fork.

How about you? What's your favorite tortilla chip for dipping? 

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