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Taking things in STRIDE

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Earlier this year a new wrestling company came to life in southern Illinois.  STRIDE Pro Wrestling has been around three months and has already gained quite a following with hundreds of fans showing up for monthly contests.  

Heath Hatton
The shows are held at the CMA dojo at the Illinois Star Centre Mall in Marion, Illinois.  It's an unconventional location for a wrestling company, but it is a welcomed feature to an that is in need of live entertainment and  a mall that can use the extra traffic.

The champ Ax Allwardt
Plenty of familiar faces from now defunct southern Illinois wrestling companies are a part of the competition.  The champion is the "Old School Warrior" Ax Allwardt.  But he'll soon face stiff competition as Farmer Billy Hills has a title match at the June 4 show.  Whoever walks out of the ring champ that night has the ever popular Heath Hatton waiting in the wings.  He won a Royal Rumble style battle royal to become the number one contender.

Frank Wyatt & "Homicidal" Steven Davis
There are new tag team champions too.  Frank Wyatt and "Homicidal" Steven Davis beat Jay Spade and Josh Totten in the finals of a tournament to crown the first champs.  Chris Hargas, Tony Flood and Carnage are a part of the company too.  Plus, the monster Bull Bronson, who teams up with WWE Hall of Famer "Cowboy" Bob Orton on that June 4 show to take on Dalton Diamond and Cash Bordin.

Class is in session
Not only are there monthly shows, but CMA is also home to a weekly wrestling school.  Heath and his staff are training the next wave of indy wrestlers here in southern Illinois.  There's a lot of promise as these young men prepare to climb the ranks and battle for the STRIDE champion.

Lane Ferrell & I 
Oh, I can't leave out general manager Sam Hunter and referee Lane Ferrell.  Sam has made some key matches, including the Ax vs. Farmer and brining in Orton next month.  Lane is the busiest ref in the business these days.  And yours truly serves as the ring announcer.  It's a lot of fun being involved in a monthly wrestling program again.  If you have a chance come be a part of the action. Learn more here

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