Thursday, May 26, 2016

We want Ryder! (again and still)

Zack Ryder at WrestleMania 32
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I'm not a bandwagon Zack Ryder fan.  But I will admit I wasn't on board with him early on when he was one of the Major Brothers.  However, when he went solo with the 'Long Island Loudmouth' gimmick, I started taking notice as he worked hard on the mic and in the ring to get himself over with the fans.

Broski of the Week
He toiled on the lower mid-card before introducing us to Long Island Iced Z on YouTube.  His creativity shined again and he was making himself more accessible to a legion of fans who weren't seeing Zack on WWE TV.  I subscribed and watched each week, even sending several different submissions to become "Broski of the Week."  I'm proud to say Zack finally picked me for Episode 22, an accomplishment I still brag about years later.

Ryder finally got his chance on the big stage and captured the U.S. Title.  Clearly the man was over with the fans, but for whatever reason his stint as champ was short lived and he faded back to Main Event (the show) and off shows like SmackDown and Raw. But he continued to entertain us all. 

The Hype Bros
The rollercoaster continued as he seemed to pick up new momentum in a tag team with Mojo Rawley on NXT.  The Hype Bros have a ton of potential, and I thought they might have even had a run as NXT tag team champions.  Then Zack was placed into the ladder match for Intercontinental Title at WrestleMania. 

Ryder wins!
There have been reports he was placed there because Neville was hurt, but Zack made the most of the opportunity.  I watched along with more than 100,000 other fans at AT&T Stadium as he climbed the ladder and snagged the belt.  After some fist pumps and Woo! Woo! Wooing, I had high expectations for the rest of the card.  That victory ended up not only being Ryder's 'WrestleMania' moment, but the highlight of the show for me.  I was proud that he had dusted himself off after years of neglect and literally climbed the ranks to the top.

Courtesy: WWE
When we arrived at Raw the next night and it was announced the title would be defended against The Miz, I had a bad feeling what was going to happen.  While I'm enjoying the rebirth of the Miz, I still think Ryder is grossly underrated, overlooked and misused.  I believe he's one of the most genuine people on the entire roster and works hard daily to move back into the spotlight.  He tweeted this earlier today, which is what inspired this post.  

I know no one from WWE is reading this, but in the off chance someone does, give Zack a legit shot.  WE WANT RYDER!

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