Saturday, May 30, 2015

Thank You Tri C Elementary School

First day of Pre-K
August 2004
By Kevin Hunsperger
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It's the end of an era for the Hunsperger family.  Our youngest child, Brooke, has completed the third grade and with that her time at Tri C Elementary School is over.  Our journey started there more than 11 years ago when we moved to southern Illinois and our two oldest boys attended Pre-K at Tri C.

Ethan starts kindergarten
August 2005
During our oldest son's kindergarten year, I became the president of the Parent Teacher Association.  I had a good time with the group and I hope we made some positive changes.  In that position, I had the chance to work with and know many of the educators at Tri C.  It gave me a better appreciation for what everyone in that building does from the cafeteria staff, custodial crew, secretaries, teachers and administrators.

Besides being on the PTO, one of my favorite memories came when my oldest son was in third grade and had to write a report about a hero.  He chose me and embellished his paper, by writing that his dad served in Iraq and killed three bad guys.  I never served our country... I think Mrs. Talley figured that out too.  

Mason's kindergarten field trip
September 2006
Thank you to everyone who made the last 11 years so memorable.  Special shout outs to all the kids teachers who my wife and I worked with directly.  I have nothing but positive things to say about our experience.  Mrs. Forby (twice), Mrs. Funk, Mrs. Sparks, Mrs. Talley, Mrs. Baker, Mrs. Webb, Mrs. Dixon, Mrs. Mills (twice), Ms. Kendall, Mr. Capie, Mrs. Mason, Ms. Cacioppo, Mrs. Horning, Mrs. Spencer, Mrs. Haas, Mr. Clouser, Mr. Jeralds, Mrs. Barnstable and Dr. Harris you've all made a huge difference in our kids' lives with your wisdom and patience. 

Brooke's last day at Tri C
May 2015
There's plenty of support staff who made an impact too including Mrs. Stanton, Mrs. Heise, Mrs. Puckett, Mrs. Stanley, Mrs. Waugh, Nurse Crystal and Nurse Stephanie.  There were lots of fun field trips, class parties and other adventures over the last decade. There were some sad times too and the staff always made sure the kids came first.  Thank you for the memories and the fun times for our kids.  The foundation for a great education has been created at Tri C and we'll be forever grateful.  

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