Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Single Bulgarian Male: ISO a Manager

Trouble in paradise
Courtesy: WWE

By Kevin Hunsperger
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Rusev and Lana have officially split or so it seems.  After all, she's been smooching with Dolph Ziggler.  Many online are already drawing comparisons to another famous wrestling couple that broke up years ago, Marc Mero and Sable.  In that instance, Sable excelled as Mero floundered for the most part, picking up the nickname "Marvelous" and pairing up with Jacqueline.  

I'm remaining optimistic that Rusev is not going to follow suit.  I do think that it's odd they've split the two up as they seemed tailor made for one another (yes, I know they're a real life couple).  I don't see Lana and Ziggler as a long term item either and have heard many reports that she actually wants to wrestle.  Fans love her right now, so I say strike while she's over.  I don't think Lana is going to have any trouble remaining popular during her time with WWE.  

Rusev crush

So that takes me back to Rusev.  What do you do with this Bulgarian brute?  I think he needs to stay a dominant heel.  I also think he needs a manager in his corner.  That's not a knock on him, but I think his character would benefit from it and I miss the days of the manager.  Zeb Colter and Paul Heyman are out of the picture for now, I think it would be nice to have the role of the traditional manager make a comeback.

A regal choice
Courtesy: WWE
William Regal comes to mind right away.  I think he is under utilized as general manager on NXT.  Plus, I don't think the brand needs an authority figure.  Make it different from Raw.  Regal has done the managerial thing to an extent before.  He's a great mouthpiece and could build a stable of foreign fighters to take on the WWE's most patriotic forces.  Sheamus and "King" Barrett would be excellent additions to this faction.  It's worked before and I think it would work now.

An awesome pick
Courtesy: WWE
The Miz is another name I've thought about for this role.  I've heard Jim Ross make the suggestion on his podcast that The Miz would be better in a managerial/advocate type role. I couldn't agree more.  I like The Miz, but I don't see him going anywhere with his current gimmick.  He's great on the mic and can take bumps.  I see chemistry with him and Rusev.

He's got people skills...
Courtesy: WWE
John Laurinaitis is one of those guys fans love to hate.  I think he would be a great heel manager whether it's for Rusev or someone else coming to the main roster.  His stable of course would be People Power with a group of brutally strong superstars.

Regardless of who Rusev ends up with (probably no one), it's my hope that this extremely talented star continues to shine and the WWE doesn't make him "marvelous" too.  

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