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I Moustache Him a Question...

Tanning the 'staches 
By Kevin Hunsperger
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If you live in southern Illinois, there's a pretty good chance you've seen pictures of my buddy Tom Harness floating around on social media.  He's the guy in the mustache suit.  He recently picked it up from a site called Shinesty.  In addition to the mustache one, Tom has an ugly Christmas suit that he wore in December to spread holiday cheer.

Time for a brushing
Childers Orthodontics 
So the big question, why is this guy donning the suit and posting pictures on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook?  It's simple.  Despite what some may think, Tom isn't crazy.  He's just a dedicated guy helping promote the upcoming HerrinFesta Italiana.  It's an annual event here that celebrates the Italian heritage of the southern Illinois town of Herrin.  There's plenty of games, rides, food and music during the celebration over Memorial Day weekend.

Here's your sign...
Tom and his company, Harness Digital Marketing have been tasked with promoting the event.  While posting pictures of the games, rides and performers (like REO Speedwagon, Third Eye Blind and Cole Swindell) would be the route most folks would go in promoting the event, Tom takes it to a whole new level.  He visits businesses, restaurants and ribbon cuttings in the weeks leading up to the big weekend to help spread the word.

Yes, this is in the bathroom...
It works too.  We met for lunch recently at S&B's Burger Joint in Carbondale.  Tom was in his suit and no less than a half dozen (maybe more) customers and employees stopped at our table and asked what was with the suit.  When Tom explained, people smiled.  Some chuckled. But it always ended on a positive note.  That's not been the reception everywhere, as I know Tom has had to do some defending of the suit.

I think it's great and if more people showed the kind of passion and enthusiasm for things they believed in, the world would be a much better place.  I do not have a suit like Tom's, but spoiler alert, I have contacted Shinesty about doing a Lucha mask variety.  The person who received the message liked the idea and said he's sharing it with the boss.  Who knows, maybe Tom will have another "weirdo" in a suit joining him to get the word out about events in southern Illinois.

*This just in, Tom has agreed to sell the suit for a donation to his daughter's school which is holding a big fundraiser.  I know how much he loves that suit and the fact that he's giving it up shows you what his daughter's school means to him too.  Bravo, Tom.

 Check out OppoSuits and Shinesty

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