Thursday, May 21, 2015

Somebunny is Not Who They Claim to Be

Theo & George or George & Theo

By Kevin Hunsperger
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For several months my daughter has been asking for a bunny.  In September, she got a hamster for her birthday and embraced caring for it.  She researched on YouTube and watched video after video on the subject.  Because she was so dedicated to the Ralphie, over Easter break my wife and I discussed it and agreed she'd earned herself a bunny too.

It so happened about this same time, my wife had a coworker with TWO rabbits she was looking to give to a good home.  After some discussion and figuring out free is the right price, we decided to welcome Theo and George into our home in April.  The bunny brothers hopped in and out of their multilevel habitat built by their previous owner.  They roamed Brooke's bedroom, but with the freedom came the problem of spraying.

Still can't tell them apart
After one episode too many of this, we decided the best option was to have Theo and George neutered.  My wife made the arrangements with a local animal hospital and recently dropped them off for their "procedure" on her way to work.  Since I'd be home when it was over, I was the point of contact for picking them up.  

A couple hours after the drop off my phone rang.  It was a vet tech who explained that they would not be able to do George's neutering because as they prepped the bunny for surgery, they discovered he is a SHE.  That's right, we had a boy and girl bunny this whole time.  I opted to not have her spayed as the whole reason for the neutering was the issue of spraying. 

My oldest son made a good point as I explained to them that George (now Georgie-Ann) is a girl.  "What if she's pregnant?  You know rabbits do it like.... rabbits."  I don't know if they checked for babies, I can only hope that these two were on their best behavior and didn't partake in any furry fornicating.  But if they did, we may be having a sale on bunnies very soon.  


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