Monday, February 23, 2015

Quick Thoughts on Fastlane

Bryan vs. Reigns
Photo courtesy: WWE

By Kevin Hunsperger
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As the title says, these are some quick thoughts on the final PPV stop on the Road to Wrestlemania.  I've never been a big fan of there being an event between The Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania, but I didn't think Fastllane was horrible by any means.  I do worry about the number of rematches next month though.  Without a world heavyweight title match, this show held up and the undercard champs and challengers shined.

Seth Rollins, Big Show & Kane beat Dolph Zigger, Ryback & Erick Rowan

The only thing about this match that surprised me is that Dolph Ziggler took the pin.  I thought it would be Rowan.  I also thought Rollins would get the victory for his team and not Kane.  Randy Orton is back, and while I'm not a huge fan I would rather see Rollins vs. Orton at Mania than Jon Stewart.  

Goldust pinned Stardust

I'd hoped they would save this match for Wrestlemania 31.  I'm going to assume this story continues with a grudge match.  I've gone back and forth on the Stardust character, but after last night, I'm on board.  The promo he cut on Dusty Rhodes and the beating he delivered to big brother convinced me.  But I've always been a big fan of Goldust.

New champs!
Courtesy: WWE
Masters of the Universe defeated The Usos

This is great news.  I'm a big fan of both Cesaro and Tyson Kidd.   I just hope WWE is ready to get behind the tag team division again.  I am not holding my breath though...

Sting challenged Triple H to a match at Wrestlemania

I see two benefits to this.  One: Sting will finally have a Wrestlemania (WWE) match.  Two: Fans will FINALLY stop talking about Sting vs. Undertaker.  This should be a good contest, although I'm a bit cynical over the "Sting tried to put us out of business" gimmick.  It's been nearly 14 years....

Nikki Bella defended the Divas title against Paige

I'm not going to lie, I'd hoped that Paige would win this battle and go into a feud with Charlotte (I know she's gotta be called up soon, right?)  But I'll admit Nikki has improved her in ring game.  

Bad News Barrett defeated Dean Ambrose by disqualification

I love Dean Ambrose.  I am really hoping this story continues on to Wrestlemania and the two don't wrestle again until then.  Since Ambrose stole the belt, perhaps a ladder match is in store for these two.  It'll give the Intercontinental title some importance.

Calling out the Undertaker
Photo courtesy: WWE

Bray Wyatt called out The Undertaker

This is an interesting one in my opinion.  I'm not sure how WWE will handle 'Taker now that The Streak is over.  I'm assuming this is going to happen at Wrestlemania.  A win for Wyatt would be quite a feather in his cap.  I am excited about this matchup.

Rusev made John Cena submit

Rusev is someone who has really impressed me as well.  I've enjoyed his character development and the push WWE has given him. I believe he shined in this high profile opportunity. He cheated to win, something that was well within his character as a heel.  I also believe we're headed for another rematch at Wrestlemania (maybe a submission match) and Cena as the victor. 

Roman Reigns beat Daniel Bryan

I think the IWC imploded as a result of this match.  I'm glad WWE made a move and is going forward with a one-on-one contest for Wrestlemania (at least as of now).  They have five weeks to build this matchup, I think it can be accomplished and fans need to just give this time to simmer and let's see where we end up after the show goes off the air on March 29. I'm curious to what's next for Bryan.  Hopefully more than a spot in the Andre the Giant battle royal (assuming they do it again) 

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