Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What If Wednesday: Survivor Series 1985

Hogan vs. Piper
Photo courtesy: WWE 
By Kevin Hunsperger
@kevinhunsperger & @my123cents on Twitter

Doing a little fantasy booking from my childhood today and looking back at 1985, the year Wrestlemania made its debut.  Of course we all know two years later, Vince McMahon introduced the world to his second pay per view idea, Survivor Series.  Since it's the season for Survivor Series, I figured I'd share some thoughts on how I would have put together the first event, based on the WWF roster in the fall of 1985.

I looked at house show results in late October and November 1985 on the History of WWE website. Interesting notes: King Tonga (Haku/Meng) and Dino Bravo teamed up briefly as baby faces, that's why they're on the British Bulldogs team.  I noticed the heel tag team division was quite lacking that year, as you'll see too.  Wendi Richter lost the women's title three days before Thanksgiving, the night this event would have been held, and left the company.  That's why she's not a part of the show.

Hulk Hogan, Captain                       vs.              Roddy Piper, Captain 
Paul Orndorff                                                       Bob Orton
Ricky Steamboat                                                  Don Muraco
Bruno Sammartino                                               Adrian Adonis
Tony Atlas                                                            Hercules

Andre the Giant, Captain                  vs.              Big John Studd, Captain
Hillbilly Jim                                                          King Kong Bundy
Tito Santana                                                          Randy Savage
Junkyard Dog                                                        Terry Funk
George Steele                                                        Jesse Ventura

The British Bulldogs, Captains         vs.             Greg Valentine & Brutus Beefcake, Captains
Uncle Elmer & Cousin Junior                              The Hart Foundation
The Killer Bees                                                    The Moondogs
Mike Rotundo & Danny Spivey                           Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff
King Tonga & Dino Bravo                                   Mr. X & The Gladiator

Velvet McIntyre, Captain               vs.               The Fabulous Moolah, Captain
Linda Gonzalez                                                   Donna Christanello
Susan Starr                                                          Leilani Kai
Dawn Marie                                                        Judy Martin
Jean Kirkland                                                      Mad Maxine

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