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Barely Surviving

Sting has arrived
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Given what I’ve read on Twitter, Facebook and various message boards, what I’m about to write once again seems to fly in the face of popular opinion. Survivor Series 2014 was a mediocre show at best and TNA-esque nonsensical mess at worst. Now, maybe it was because I watched the show from 11pm-2am after a long day of walking around Universal Orlando and so I didn’t pay as close attention to the show as I would have normally. 
The one positive I’ll give the show is it did do a good job of playing with the audience’s emotions during the end of the main event. Eliminating John Cena early in the match gave the match an air of unpredictability. Unfortunately, that’s the only positive I took away from the match. I’ll touch on the match a little later. 
Thankfully, due to having some network issues early on, I missed 98% of the opening promo. Unfortunately, because I missed the promo, I didn’t hear what Vince McMahon said and during the course of the show the Three Stooges at the announce table never recapped the John Cena stipulation in a sensible cohesive manner. In fact, the announcing was downright horrible. At least the parts I didn’t tune out were horrible.  At one point Michael Cole brought up Jerry Lawler’s past Survivor Series teams and Lawler seemed to not even remember he competed at any Survivor Series. It’s been said before but more times than not lately, WWE announcers ruin the show more than they help. 
While I like the idea of Mizdow being the tag team champions, I wonder how long it will be before Miz finally snaps and attacks Damien Mizdow. I’m tired of tag team partners not getting along, especially teams that have been around for only a few months. Not to mention that there are only four active tag teams in WWE which means we’ll get weeks of Mizdow versus the same opponents over and over. 
I was falling asleep during the divas match so I can’t really comment on it. I did enjoy Tyson Kidd’s celebration after the match but really, where is that going to go. Are WWE going to allow Nattie and Tyson to have a match against each other? 
Has Dean Ambrose had a PPV match this year that actually had an ending? Dean’s match with Bray Wyatt was nothing but a teaser for next month’s TLC show. We get three more weeks of what we’ve seen for the past three weeks. Yay! 
Speaking of tag teams not getting along, how long will we be subjected to Adam Rose being upset at being upstaged by the bunny? Will anyone from NXT get called up with any type of long term plans in place? 
If rumors are true that AJ Lee is leaving WWE (after being back for what, 4 months?) then I guess giving her the Daniel Bryan Wrestlemania 28 treatment was a decent callback. Otherwise, I’ll try and be patient to see where they go with the Nikki/Brie story because right now it makes little sense. 
This brings us to the main event of the night.  Everything up to Big Show’s quest to have more career turns than Lex Lugar was pretty meaningless. I’ve read comments that Big Show turning on Cena made sense because WWE has established Big Show can’t afford to be out of work. If that’s the case, why didn’t Big Show make sure the Authority actually won the match? Or after Cena was eliminated and Big Show walked out, why didn’t Noble and Mercury and Triple H keep Ziggler on the outside so he’d get counted out? As I stated earlier, the back and forth between Ziggler and Rollins was exciting and did make the outcome of the match in doubt which is something rarely said about WWE matches these days. Then the wheels came off. 
Ziggler lays out Rollins with the Zigzag and Triple H gives Ziggler a pedigree. Then out of nowhere and with no logical reasoning, 13-years after he should have, Sting makes his WWE debut.  Sting has no history with anyone in the match unless there’s some WCW Worldwide match between he and Terra Ryzing out there that I’ve not seen. Corrupt power authorities have run WWE for years so why did Sting choose now to show up? 
My biggest complaint with the ending is how Rollins and Ziggler were on the mat for what seemed at least 10 minutes waiting for Sting to get in the ring and have his standoff with Triple H. The focus was taken off of two guys who should have a good ten years to offer the company and put onto a part time wrestler and a guy who will probably only have a handful of matches over the next year at most. Once again WWE would rather live in the past than prepare for the future. I’m sure others will disagree with me and that’s fine.  
Now, I could be wrong and WWE actually has something big planned to get us to Wrestlemania. I’m not going to hold my breath in anticipation. Unless Stephanie really is pregnant and thus needs to be off TV, I expect Triple H and Stephanie to be back on TV by Royal Rumble. I expect Dolph Ziggler to be back in mid-card purgatory in four weeks. I hope I’m wrong. History, though, as me anticipating the worst when it comes to WWE having any long-term plans.

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  1. I agree with the return being 13 years too late, but come on -- STING! And last night on Raw they paved the way for the eventual Trips and Stephanie return with the email from the anonymous GM