Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Way Back WhensDay: The Thanksgiving Song

Adam Sandler on SNL, 1992
Courtesy: NBC/SNL
By Kevin Hunsperger 
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Through the years there have been more Christmas carols produced and recorded than you can ever imagine.  There are even Halloween themed songs and we all play some patriotic tunes on the 4th of July.  Even Easter has the Peter Cottontail song.  But there are very few that pay tribute to Thanksgiving.

That's where comedian and Saturday Night Live star Adam Sandler righted the wrong.  In November 1992, he performed the wildly popular and now (dare I say cult hit), The Thanksgiving Song on SNL.  It became a popular tune among the college crowd.  I can say that because I was in college at the time.

The next year when Sandler released the album "They're All Going to Laugh at You", The Thanksgiving Song was a part of it.  I'd play it all the time, especially when the holiday got closer.  Who couldn't help but to laugh at lines like "my brother likes to masturbate with baby oil" and "Jimmie Walker, used to say Dyn-o-mite, that's right!"  Neither line has anything to do with Thanksgiving, but if you've heard a Sandler song, you understand why the lines are there.

The radio plays The Thanksgiving Song on Turkey Day.  Of course, the masturbation line has been rubbed out (yes, I went there) to make it safe for young ears listening.  Sandler released another song a short time later paying homage to Hanukkah.  While funny, I still laugh out loud hearing the Thanksgiving Song.  And since Hanukkah kicks off on Thanksgiving this year, let's pay tribute to both holidays.  Mazel tov!  Then last year Nicole Westbrook released "It's Thanksgiving!"  It comes from the people behind Rebecca Black's Friday, so be warned...  Also, here's a list of other Thanksgiving related songs.  I was surprised by the ones on here.

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