Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dixie Carter's Big Announcement

Dixie Carter & Chad
Photo courtesy: My 1-2-3 Cents
By Chad Smart
@chadsmart & @my123cents

Dixie Carter, President of TNA IMPACT WRESTLING, tweeted the following this afternoon.

Dixie Carter @TNADixie
I will be making a major announcement on IMPACT tomorrow (8/7c) This will change everything for our wrestlers, company & YOU our audience!

I have not heard what this announcement is or if it has to do with Impact the show, Impact the Zone or the fabled Lucha star, Impact the Indestructible. But since I didn’t have anything else on my mind to blog about, I thought I’d throw out a few ideas of what Dixie will announce.

Goldberg will turn heel: The last time I recall the head of a wrestling organization make a statement like this it was Eric Bischoff claiming there was going to be something to big even Vince McMahon couldn’t stop it. Then on a PPV (I forget which one and since this blog isn’t serious, I don’t care to look it up) Goldberg half-assed a heel turn that if memory serves me right, was dropped within a couple of week. I know Goldberg isn’t on the TNA roster, but when has a wrestler not been on the roster stopped TNA from promoting said wrestler. (Corey Graves just tweeted from the NXT locker room he’s still hoping for votes in the Gut Check Challenge contest)

Jeff Hardy & Hulk Hogan
Photo courtesy: TNA
Hulk Hogan will challenge Jeff Hardy at Lockdown: Hogan recently claimed he wants to be TNA Champion in 2013 so why not put him in a cage match with Jeff at the next pay per view?

Impact is leaving Spike: With news coming out about the WWE Network possibly launching as a YouTube channel, and given TNA’s track record of trying to be like WWE, Dixie will announce Impact will now be seen exclusively on Ustream.

Entrance into the Impact Zone will require a ticket into Universal Studios: If I’m correct, currently people in the Universal theme park get priority access to the Impact Zone while fans can wait outside the studio in CityWalk and hope to get inside if seats are available. Starting at the next tapings, fans will only be allowed into the Zone once they’ve bought a ticket to the theme park. Also, wrestlers and staff will also have to purchase tickets to enter since Universal is revoking their worker access due to Hogan’s insistence of driving his Hulk Monster Truck to each show.

All WWE Divas will now be on Impact: Even though still under a WWE contract, Natalya Neidhart, Layla, Kaitlyn and the other WWE Divas will appear on Impact. This is not a sign of a working relationship between WWE and TNA. Simply put, Vince McMahon doesn’t care about the diva’s division and doesn’t even recognize WWE female wrestlers when he sees them. Dixie offered the Divas a chance to actually wrestle and they said yes.

TNA has bought the NWA: Going back to their roots, TNA is bringing back the NWA affiliation. The NWA territories will be rebranded as TNA shows after Panda Energy bought the rights to the organizations for $93 and two annual Universal Studios passes.

Impact will air in 3D: Fans will be able to get closer to the action as the stars of Impact Wrestling leap out of the TV screen in stunning 3D. Tazz will now appear life sized.

Impact is leaving the Impact Zone: This is the one I hope to see happen sooner rather than later. With the recent announcement of cutting back on PPVs and not holding any of the live PPVs in the Impact Zone, hopefully this means Impact on the road will soon follow.

In all seriousness, I don’t know what Dixie’s announcement will be or if I should get excited since her track record for big announcements isn’t that great. I do know TNA has been making great strides to get better and between TNA and WWE, I am more interested in what happens on Impact than I am for what happens on RAW or Smackdown. Just wish they’d strengthen then tag division and the Knockout Division. Also, either properly use the Knockout Tag Titles or get rid of them.

Anyway, I’m curious to hear what Dixie has to say. What do you think will be the big announcement? Give your thoughts on our Facebook page.

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