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Kevin Nash Bash

Kevin Nash
Courtesy: WWE
By Kevin Hunsperger
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In the name of fairness, if you're a Kevin Nash fan, stop reading this blog now.  Instead, check out some other posts or subscribe to My 1-2-3 Cents on YouTube.

If you've decided to keep reading, you probably feel the same way I do on this situation.  Kevin Nash recently did an interview with Grantland (click here to read the whole thing) where he buries "smaller" wrestlers like Chris Benoit, CM Punk, and Eddie Guerrero.  Here's a direct quote:

"When Benoit and Guerrero hugged [at the end of WrestleMania XX], that was the end of the business," he says. "Has business been the same since that WrestleMania? Has it come close to the Austin era? Has it come close to the nWo or the Hogan era? You put two f----- guys that were great workers that were the same height as the f------ referees, and I'm sorry, man. Are you going to watch a porno movie with a guy with a three-inch d---? Even if you're not gay, you will not watch a porno movie with a guy with a three-inch d---. That's not the standard in porno films. So you put a 5-foot-7 guy as your world champion."

2 champs celebrate
Photo by WWE
I'll start with statement.  In my opinion, that celebration between Benoit and Guerrero remains one of the greatest moments captured in wrestling history.  If you eliminate what Benoit did to his family and focus solely on his wrestling, I'd say it's hard to argue that he was one of the all time great technicans.  Guerrero belongs in that category too.  Unlike Chris, I felt like Eddie was more of an entertainer.  His work with Chavo as Los Guerreros and his time with Chyna and "Latino Heat" was superb.

HBK, HHH, and Benoit
Photo from: WWE
Secondly, look at the picture I posted.  This was prior to the match where Benoit won the title.  He and Shawn Michaels are billed as different heights (Benoit 5'9", Michaels 6'1"), but if you look closely, if there really is a four inch difference it's hard to see.  They look pretty darn close as far as I'm concerned and I've never heard Nash bash HBK's height. 

Who cares how tall a wrestler is?  Or how fat or thin or physically fit.  That's what I like about wrestling.  There are all different body types who are highlighted.  Should guys like the Great Khali and Ron Ries (remember him?) get world title runs because they're taller than CM Punk or Daniel Bryan?  Hell no.

Speaking of Punk and Bryan, here's what "Big Sexy" had to say about them...

"They are not bigger than life," he says. "I bet they could both walk through airports and not be noticed unless they have a gimmick shirt on and the belt."

Punk laughs at Nash (so do I)
Photo from: WWE
Punk is billed as 6'2", a whole inch taller than Nash's buddy Shawn's alleged height of 6'1".  The bottom line is it doesn't matter.  Being tall has no impact on a wrestler's ability and as we've seen doesn't seem to impact them in getting over with the crowd.  I'm not condoning a Hornswoggle run as champ, but D-Bry and others in the under 6 foot club can bring something to the table.

Why is Nash making these comments now?  My guess is he wants to attempt to remain relevant.  People are talking about him again, and I've fallen into the trap too by posting this blog.  I really wanted to voice my opinion on the situation.  I'll be honest I was never really a fan of his in the first place, so coming up with a way to criticize him is easy.  It didn't matter to me if he was Oz, Vinnie Vegas, the Master Blaster, or Diesel, I always found Kevin Nash to be rather blah. 

Vince McMahon took a chance on him in 1994 and Nash made the most of the opportunity.  I'll give him credit for that, but he by no means produced anything memorable outside of his feud with Shawn (but really Shawn told that story)  I cringed when Nash won the WWF title and then went on to WCW to do the same thing there.  Then there's the trainwreck he helped create when he started booking there.

But I feel like I've made my point.  My opinion is size does not matter when it comes to the world of wrestling (or sports entertainment) and I feel like the WWE has finally gotten that message with Punk running as champ for nearly a year now.  We don't need a world of giants, muscle heads, and knuckle draggers.  Thanks for reading.

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  1. Well Kevin, I was gonna waste precious time and write a blog about this, but I feel you've covered all the bases. I was a big fan of both Eddie & Benoit. I'm probably a "tad" bit impartial because I am a smaller wrestler. I think I've been passed up for opportunities due to my lack of size. I've been told countless times to get bigger. Seldom was my in ring work ever criticized. Nash is entitled to his opinion, and he may just be, as you said, tying to stay relevant. I feel anyone who can put arses in the seats, be it man, woman, heavyweight, cruiserweight, etc, should have an opportunity to be at the helm of a wrestling company. I'm sure in the eyes of the fans, Eddie's WWE Championship win will be remembered more than Nash's first WWE Title win.