Saturday, September 18, 2010

Night of Champions Predictions

Old championship belts on display at WM 26

I figure everyone else shared there predictions on upcoming PPV's, so why not me?  I'm basing these without having watched last night's Smackdown! although I did catch the tail end of it with the Undertaker being destroyed by Kane.

6 Pack Challenge
Interesting that they've made this an elimination match.  Everyone's money is on Randy Orton.  Right now he's the "it" guy.  It seems that they're almost making him into a "Stone Cold" type character with hitting everyone with the RKO.  So, based soley on that, I'm going with Orton to win.  Second runner up, Super Cena.

Kane vs. Undertaker
I don't expect a clean finish on this one.  If Kane actually gets the pin, it will come with help from someone or by some sort of underhanded tactics.  Most likely, I expect there to be a double DQ or a double countout, which will then take us to a rematch at Hell in a Cell.

Michelle McCool vs. Melina
Sorry, this one does nothing for me.  But I suspect McCool will win.

Dolph Zigger vs. Kofi Kingston
I must admit the Kofi Kingston character has really grown on me.  I wasn't big on him at first, but I find him entertaining.  He can really work in the ring and has an interesting style.  But, I don't think that's going to be enough to over Zigger.  Zigger will get the win, but it won't come cleanly.

The Miz vs. Daniel Bryan
In my opinion, this will be the most interesting match on the card.  I'm torn on how it will go down.  Since Bryan has made the Miz tap out before, and he beat him up on Raw last week, I could see the Miz getting the win with the assist from Alex Riley.  But I could also see Bryan getting the win, taking the title and launching the Miz into the hunt for the world title.  Perhaps even cashing in Money in the Bank at the end of the 6 Pack Challenge.  This match, could go either way.

CM Punk vs. Big Show
Last I checked, neither one of these guys is a champion, so why are they on a pay per view called "Night of Champions"?  Besides, Big Show has already beat the SES in a couple of different handicapped matches, so why would we expect him not to win in a singles match?  Show wins, and hopefully puts an end to this feud so Punk can move onto something where he goes over.

I'm wondering why we're not getting a tag team title match?  Will one be added at the last minute?  I thought we'd end up with a Nexus vs. Hart Dynasty match.  I've complained about it before, the tag team division is in need of some serious work.  Leaving the champs off a card called "Night of Champions" just adds to my frustration.

Hart Dynasty vs. Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre
Like I mentioned, I didn't see Smackdown! last night.  A friend said he heard this match was happening. If it is, I amend my comments above.  Personally, I like Drew and Cody as singles wrestlers, but I guess we are lacking in the tag team division.  If the match happens, I give the nod to the Harts, and hopefully setting them up for a more tag team title defenses in the future.

So, I guess that's it for my predictions.  Tomorrow we'll know if I was right or not.

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