Monday, September 20, 2010

Night of Champions: My Thoughts

Rarely am I ever right when I make guesses on what will happen on a WWE pay per view. But this time, I was pretty darn close in my predictions. Maybe it's because I posted them publicly for the first time. Admittedly, I only saw a fraction of Night of Champions, but I have read over the results so here are my 1-2-3 cents. (Get it?)

Orton wins the 6 Pack challenge. Miz drops the U.S. title. My hope is we're going to see a connection here. I really expected the Miz to cash in MITB last night. Kinda glad he didn't now.

Talking with a friend, they ended the Kane - Undertaker match with a clean pin. I'm assuming we'll see them again at Hell in the Cell in less than 2 weeks (another pet peeve). But what's the point? Why would Kane agree to that? He didn't do anything underhanded to win. There was no interference. Maybe I'm putting the cart before the horse, because the match hasn't technically been announced.

Ziggler defends against Kofi. I'm glad. I'd like to see a solid run out of Dolph. Who would have thought he'd be the surviving Spirit Squad member?

Disappointed with the tag team title results. Why, oh why are random singles wrestlers paired together and put into a tag team title match. Mark Henry and Evan Bourne and Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre. I really feel the Hart Dynasty has the "it" factor and never really had much of a chance to shine. Plus, where are the Dude Busters (seriously) and Vance Archer & Curtis Hawkins?

LayCool reigns supreme. This one didn't surprise me. I'm curious now, will she (they) defend the title on both Raw & Smackdown? I hope that is the case.

Daniel Bryan is the future of this business in my opinion. I like the fact that he has won the U.S. title. I'm hoping this will help launch him to the next level like it has with other men who wore the title in the past. I'm also quite high on Kaval. Hoping he gets to see some more face time in the future.

No major thoughts on Punk vs. Show. Still not sure why it was on the card as neither man is a champion.

Hell in the Cell is just 13 days away. Again, let's rush another PPV and then 3 weeks later we get Bragging Rights, and then Survivor Series a month after that. Four PPV's in over the course of 2 months and 2 days... sigh.

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