Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Raw Thoughts about Raw

Because I get up at 2:55 a.m., I don't get to watch Monday Night RAW on Monday nights, so I watch Tuesday afternoons when I get home from work.  So you've probably already seen the show and read others' react to it.  I hope you'll read mine too.

How was hoping the wheel would have landed on a pillow fight between Cena and Orton?  Would they have gone on with the match?  Is that wheel even legit?  Of course not.

I'm glad they didn't totally give away the Miz-Bryan match for free on RAW.  I liked the Miz having Alex Riley sub for him, but my question is this.  Is Riley even a WWE superstar?  Did I miss something?  He didn't win NXT.  I never saw them announce that he is a part of the company.  What about the other NXT members from season 2?   I'd love to see Husky Harris under contract.

When will Evan Bourne stopped being jobbed out?  Even in a bodyslam challenge match, it sucks to see him lose week after week.  Please tell me they are NOT planning an Evan Bourne-Mark Henry tag team.

As annoying as I find R Truth and his "what's up?" song, I can't help but sing it everytime he comes out.  BTW, what the heck is a Song and Dance match?  Really?  So lame.  Ted DiBiase has so much more potential in my opinion.  This match is definitely focusing too much on the "E" of WWE.  Although I don't know if entertainment is the way I'd describe what I just saw. 

Why have the King and Cole switched roles in who is the heel and who's the face?  And I believe Cole is more annoying than anything.  Just sayin'...

I wonder if and when John Morrison will ever move up to the next level.  From where I'm sitting, he's ready.  He's got the moves, he's got the look, he can work the mic for the most part.  What's holding him back?  I don't know.

Okay, about the cage match, shouldn't it have ended when one member left the cage?  Would Jericho have to pin both DHS and Kidd to win the match?  Loophole.  Something else that erks me is the way the tag team division is basically in the toilet.  Why are the champs jobbing in a handicap match anyway.  I think I would have come up with a different way to get Jericho back in the 6 Pack Challenge.  The Hart Dynasty should be working their own program, not the guys putting over others.

After all these years, I still love Goldust.  Regaldust isn't so bad either.  It was a fun switchup.  Interesting to say the least.  I had to laugh when my daughter walked into the room and asked "Are those boys?"  Good stuff.  I think the wig Dustin wore looks more like Mae Young than Regal.  LOL.

I fast forwarded through a lot of the main event.  Figured Nexus would get involved.  I guess Cena and Orton are the new Mega Powers of the WWE.  They can take out all the villians, even after having gone toe to toe with each other for 15 minutes.  I guess the match ended okay.  It looked more to me like they both went through the table.  I would imagine that was a tough move to pull off.  From the other camera angle it looks more like Cena did go through the table.

So who will win the 6 Pack Challenge at Night of Champions?  I'd like to see someone else in the main event picture.  My guess is though that Wade Barrett will not win.  I don't think Jericho or Edge or Shemaus will either.  I figure it will either be Cena or Orton.

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