Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Scott Phoenix sets a record

New champs

By Kevin Hunsperger
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I mentioned it briefly on a recent My 1-2-3 Cents podcast, but I figured it deserved a bit more attention than a quick statement. Scott Phoenix recently made history in Stride Pro Wrestling. He has become the company's first four-time tag team champion. That's quite a feat for a young man who is not even three years into the business. 

It all started for Phoenix when he paired up with indy wrestling veteran Ax Allwardt. Under the guidance of J. Wellington Beauregard, the two captured the Stride Pro Wrestling tag team titles in a fatal four-way match in April 2017. The duo became an icon pairing, with Phoenix adopting some of Ax's old school ways. I found his character refreshing as each month he'd share his digits with a lucky female fan in the audience. The long flowing hair and 80s band look went a long way in the development of Phoenix's character.

In November of that same year J. Wells and Phoenix orchestrated an attack on Allwardt which lead to Maximum Overdrive's loss of the titles. But Phoenix insured he would still remain a champion. He and Dexter Roswell became the champions as Phoenix joined forces with the DR Party. The two lost the belts and over time grew apart before finally splitting up.

Phoenix's singles run was short-lived as Farmer Billy Hills found himself in need of a tag team partner after he and String Bean won the belts. The masked man was injured and Phoenix stepped in to help. Stride Pro Wrestling General Manager Sam Hunter officially granted Phoenix's request to be Farmer's permanent partner and the two were off to the races, defending the titles against all challengers. In February their run came to an end when old partner and rival Dexter Roswell and Mr. Anthony won the belts. The new duo's efforts were less than honorable and it didn't take long for Phoenix and Farmer to regain their gold.

That victory earlier this month put Phoenix in the record books. He is now four times the champ as he and Farmer prepare for future title defenses. Phoenix will be in action this Saturday night in Norris City. Be sure to join us for the action.

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