Sunday, March 24, 2019

Healymania is running wild


Kevin Hunsperger
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It was another great night for Stride Pro Wrestling and helping a small community in southern Illinois raise money. This time we took the show to Norris City to help out the newly formed Wild Bunch Athletics. Teacher Danielle Healy and her husband are behind the effort and needed a boost. Healy herself wrestled in the main event in front of her students, family and friends. 

It was a great night. Healy worked hard to train prior to the show. She and tag team partner Heath Hatton (a Norris City native as well) took it to the their opponents Tony Flood and Zoey Moore. Healy shined bright in her debut hitting moves on both Moore and Flood. In fact the match ended with Healy covering Flood for the three count much to the delight of the fans in attendance. Job well done to Healy and Hatton.

Other results from the night: 

J. Wellington Beauregard insulted Hatton, Healy and GM Sam Hunter during Striking Your Fancy as all three are from Norris City. 

B-Rad pinned Bud Gallows. 

Jay Spade beat Scott Phoenix. 

Bo Sawyer pinned Ax Allwardt after Ax attempted to use his chain on Sawyer but it backfired.

Jose Magnifico, Ryzer and Jerry Travelstead beat AJ Kellis, Brian Richards and Bud Gallows.

Red Daniels successfully defended the Stride Heavyweight title by pinning "The King" Chris Hargas.

Danielle Healy & Heath Hatton beat Zoey Moore & Tony Flood when Healy pinned Flood. 

Join us for our next show on Saturday, April 6 at Johnston City High School. Get details here.

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