Sunday, December 9, 2018

Why Cash, why?

Cash Borden, Legacy Champion 

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Because Stride Pro Wrestling Legacy Champion Arron Brooks wasn't able to defend the title at Christmas Break over the weekend, General Manager Sam Hunter stripped the champ of the title. That made way for the main event that included Wraith, Ryzer, Cash Borden and Jay Spade competing for the vacated title. Spade and Borden have teamed up in recent months and there's been a hint of dissension between the two.

That all came to a head Saturday night. Cash didn't show up for the match, despite winning the right to be in the main event earlier in the night in a tag team match with Spade. Then about halfway through a mysterious man, covered from head to toe and carrying a lead pipe returned to ringside. We saw this man earlier hit Heath Hatton with the same pipe to help "King" Chris Hargis and Tony Flood win a tag team match.
Borden wins
Courtesy: Jamie Woodworth-Myers
The mystery man made his way into the ring after Wraith and Ryzer were dumped to the floor and Spade had his back turned. The lead pipe was used and the man unmasked himself to be Cash Borden. Borden proceeded to beat Spade severely and pin him to claim the title.

He cut a scathing promo and demanded I announce him as the new champion more than once. He proceeded to beat the crap out of Spade, bringing true meaning to the term 'Christmas break'. Fans were stunned as we helped Spade back to the locker room. 

Courtesy: Jamie Woodworth-Myers
I appreciate Borden's help earlier in the year in my battles with Roger Matheus. Cash proved that just because he's not the biggest dog in the fight he's among the toughest. Add in the hardcore matches he's competed in for other companies and you'll understand Cash is the real deal.

I worry what his new attitude is going to look like. 2019 may very well be the year of Cash Borden here in Stride Pro Wrestling. But don't count Spade out just yet. I'm sure he's resolving to straighten out Borden's bad attitude in the New Year.

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