Thursday, December 27, 2018

3 Things I want for Royal Rumble 2019

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The Royal Rumble is still weeks away and I know odds on favorite are already pointing at Seth Rollins. However, I'm going to use this post to do a little fantasy booking. I know what I'm wishing for are most likely not going to happen and probably won't even get the thumbs up from most fans, but here goes.

Courtesy: WWE
1. Becky Lynch wins the Women's Royal Rumble. This has to be a no-brainer right? I think most fans are hoping for a Ronda Rousey-Becky Lynch battle at WrestleMania. I maintain this could be the main event of the 35th installment of the show. Rousey and Lynch have had a great 2018 on their respective shows. The canceled Survivor Series matchup between the two disappointed many, myself included. However, this fresh contest can be revived and built up with Becky winning the Rumble.

Courtesy: WWE
2. Matt Riddle wins the Men's Royal Rumble. I know, I must be high bro, right? No, no. Hear me out. Riddle or someone else unexpected would certainly shake things up. Given Riddle's MMA background, I'd love to see him in a match against Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 35. Not only that, I'd like to see Brock drop the belt. I don't dislike Lesnar. However, I've grown bored of him being on top. New blood will probably not fix the rating problems but I really don't see it hurting anything. 

3. No Legends required. I love when the Legends make an appearance from time to time. However, with the talent pool being so deep these days, I'm not sure there should be three or four Legends taking a spot in this match. 

What are your wishes for the 2019 Royal Rumble? Am I crazy with my thoughts? Comment here or on the My 1-2-3 Cents Facebook page.!/
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