Saturday, December 29, 2018

My favorite Stride Pro Wrestling moments of 2018

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It's the end of the year and I'm taking a few minutes to reflect on 2018 in Stride Pro Wrestling. The company had plenty of highlights for sure and I'm looking forward to 2019. As I share these memories, keep in mind they are from the shows I was a part of. I missed two shows in 2018, one due to a family commitment and the other because I was in Las Vegas for the Impact Wrestling tryout. 

Wraith & Ryzer
Wraith dominates the Stride Cup/Legacy Championship Tournament. Wraith was a dark, mysterious figure who showed up in Stride in January. He destroyed everyone in his way and eventually won the tournament and introduced us to his Disciple Ryzer. Unfortunately that same night, JD Wilk got injured and had to retire from the ring. That night in March stands out to me for both of those moments.

Tony Flood and Jay Spade swap the Stride Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Title. Both of these guys spent years in the ring. I have a great deal of respect for their work ethic and what they're able to do in the ring. Watching these former friends trade the greatest prize in Stride over the course of several months was thrilling. Despite their years of experience in the ring, the future is still bright for both of them. I look forward to what they'll do in 2019.

This One is for Lane. In April the entire Stride Pro Wrestling roster came together to support one of our own. Referee Lane Austin, who is a diabetic, had to go on dialysis and eventually ended up on the transplant list for a new kidney and pancreas. The show of love for our friend that night was amazing. It's just one of the many shows Stride helped raise money for in 2018. 

Heath Hatton and Ax Allwardt win gold. Bitter enemies in the ring for years, Hatton and Allwardt put their differences aside and teamed up to win the Stride Pro Wrestling Tag Team Titles from the DR Party. Dexter Roswell, Scott Phoenix and J. Wellington Beauregard were a constant thorn in the sides of Allwardt and Hatton. 

My return to the ring. I never, ever dreamed I'd have a chance to step through the ropes and wrestle. It happened the first time in 2012. Then again in May of this year. My opponent this time was Roger Matheus. I can't thank he and Tyler Hatton for having enough faith in me to do this. I'm a 45-year-old with a dad bod and limited skills in the ring. Roger made me look and feel like a million bucks. Of course keeping with the story, thanks as well to Cash Borden and Tom Harness for saving my ass.

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