Monday, November 21, 2016

SURVIVOR SERIES: The Toronto Screw Job

Courtesy: WWE
By Kevin Hunsperger
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I realize the title of this is pretty harsh. While I don't necessarily think what went down at Survivor Series was a screw job, I do have some heavy criticism of the way the Brock Lesnar-Goldberg match happened. I'll preface this with a couple things. I try not to be negative because as we've learned in the past, wrestling is a journey and we have to wait and see what's next. Second, I am not nor have ever been a big fan of Goldberg, so take My 1-2-3 Cents today with a grain of salt. 

WrestleMania 20
Courtesy: WWE
In 2004 when Goldberg and Lesnar first met at WrestleMania 20, I had high hopes for the match. However, those hopes were quickly dashed once I learned both men were leaving WWE. The match was a big disappointment in its execution. The highlight was the guest referee "Stone Cold" Steve Austin delivering Stunners to each man. 

Fast forward 12 and a half years and a rematch is announced. In that time Lesnar went to the UFC and became a champion. He also returned to WWE and was quickly established as a true beast. In less than a year, he dismantled the Big Show, ended the Undertaker's WrestleMania Streak and handed John Cena his ass in a match for the WWE Championship. He dominated 2014 every time he stepped into the ring.

Goldberg did no wrestling in his time away from WWE. Last year he saved Rob Van Dam from an attack at a Legends of Wrestling show. But I'll say when he returned to WWE a few weeks ago he looked to be in great shape. He'll be 50 next month but doesn't look like it at all. So kudos to him for either maintaining his physique all these years or for busting his ass to get into shape for the match.

Survivor Series 2016
Courtesy: WWE
My gut reaction to the Survivor Series match is that Goldberg should not have won. But as mentioned I don't know what's next, so I'll accept the victory. Now I'm going to nitpick how he won. For years Lesnar has been billed as this huge threat to mankind. He's a beast. He's not like any other Superstar. Then he gets beaten by a guy who hasn't wrestled a match in more than a decade in less than 90 seconds. The total time of the match was 1 minute 24 seconds. 

I can't even begin to understand why that happened. In an era of guys kicking out of Tombstone Piledrivers, F5s, AAs and every other finisher it's hard to once again suspend belief that two spears and a jackhammer would be enough to keep the mighty Brock Lesnar down, especially after just over a minute of action.

The agony of defeat
Courtesy: WWE
I'm fine with the loss, but it's the quickness in how it happened. What's the payoff? How will this affect Brock's future? Will Goldberg wrestle again? Time will tell, but as a fan of more than 30 years, I did not like the execution of this angle... 

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  1. If Brock is retiring to farm, this is a great way to pass on the torch to the next WM attraction. Then at WM Goldberg can give the rub to Finn Balor, Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens... whoever.