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SURVIVOR SERIES: Favorite team number 6: Team HBK (1995)

Survivor Series 1995
Courtesy: WWE
By Kevin Hunsperger
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I'm counting down to the 30th annual Survivor Series by looking back at my ten favorite teams in the history of the event. Survivor Series ranks among my favorite events every year and if you've read this blog in the past you know I'm a fan of the traditional elimination matches. 

In 1995 WWE tried something different for Survivor Series. This was the first year the event aired on a Sunday night. Previous Survivor Series shows were on Thanksgiving or the night before. Also that year, good guy teams vs. bad guy teams were tossed out the window. One match featured so-called Wild Card teams.

When rivals have to be partners
Courtesy: WWE
Interim WWF President Gorilla Monsoon made rivals team up and take on their friends. Shawn Michaels was forced to captain a team with Ahmed Johnson and his enemies, Sid and Davey Boy Smith. That foursome faced Razor Ramon, Yokozuna, Owen Hart and Dean Douglas. As you might imagine, the teammate loyalty ran then and Shawn helped eliminate Sid after a serving of Sweet Chin Music. Once the dust settled it was Shawn's team that won, with HBK, Johnson and The Bulldog standing tall as the survivors. 

Courtesy: WWE
At the time of this match, Davey Boy was one of my favorites. He had recently turned heel and was being managed by Jim Cornette. I had previously been a fan of the heel HBK, and Ahmed Johnson was growing on me. I'll admit it here, I liked Sid too, so this team had it all. The "Wild Card" concept didn't become a consistent idea, but it did return from time to time. 

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