Friday, November 25, 2016

Black Friday for wrestling fans

Brother Love

By Kevin Hunsperger
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The holiday shopping season is in full swing and even wrestling fans can cash in and find bargains or just get some ideas of what to add to their wish list. Not only are wrestling companies grappling for your Christmas shopping money this year, so are innovative entrepreneurs and wrestling legends and stars with online stores.

Pro Wrestling Tees has a week long Black Friday shopping event going on right now. Shoppers get a 20 percent discount off orders until Tuesday, November 29. Purchases of $100 or more get a free "Macho Man" Randy Savage t-shirt. Pro Wrestling Tees allows wrestlers, personalities and podcasters set up shop. My goal is to get enough followers on Instagram (@kevin_hunsperger) and Twitter (@kevinhunsperger) to set up my own store. I have design ideas in mind and believe by Black Friday 2017 you'll be able to get some My 1-2-3 Cents swag.

Box of Gimmicks

But this year, I highly recommend selecting from the Bruce Prichard collection. He's podcast, Something to Wrestle With... Bruce Prichard has spawned some amazing designs. I will be shopping his store this weekend to add to my collection. By the way, you can listen to the show each Friday on iTunes. He and Conrad Thompson do amazing work.

Matt Cage
There are plenty of indy wrestlers offering deals on Pro Wrestling Tees too. From Matt Cage to "Farmer" Billy Hills to "Hitman" Jake Capone fans can support indy wrestlers in a whole new way. Prices aren't bad either, most starting at about 20 bucks, but remember you can save some cash until Tuesday. Just search for wrestlers or personalities by name to find their store.

My WrassleRoos
WrassleRoos is a great place to stock up on wrestling themed underwear and boxer shorts. There's also a collection of unique t-shirts available. Right now the site is revamping, but you can still shop and pick up underwear that looks like your favorite Superstar's tights.

From the WTF collection

WWE Shop, of course, is big business. The site is offering some deep discounts for Black Friday. In addition to t-shirts, championship belts and toys, WWE has some other interesting novelties. There's a wide selection of Christmas themed items, including ugly Christmas sweaters and stockings. But it's the gingerbread man ornaments that really got a chuckle. The Finn Balor one is the oddest of them all.

There's plenty of other shopping opportunities and ways to support the wrestling industry. Be sure to search your favorite company's site and complete your wish list.

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