Friday, April 15, 2016

I've been a fool in April

Kamala vs. WhattaBurger in Dallas
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I'm behind on blogging about Operation Find My Abs.  But to be honest I've fallen off the workout wagon and the healthier eating wagon.  It all started in mid-March with a Spring Break trip to Disney World.

The Mickey Mouse PB Cup
I'm not blaming my vacation on my poor choices.  There are healthy choices at the restaurants at the Happiest Place in the World.  For example one day I did get green beans as a side with my burger instead of french fries.  However, that was about the extent of the healthy picks.  I had the No Fair Funnel Cake at Cold Stone Creamery, a Mickey Mouse peanut butter cup the Goofy Candy Company and lots of cold beer on the beach.  I justified these options with the "I'm on vacation" and "it's my birthday" excuse.

I got back into the saddle briefly when we returned from the sun and sand.  I hit Gold's Gym a few times in late March and picked up the pace on running because I'm participating in a big relay race. Then I got on the Road to WrestleMania...

One of several craft beers during WrestleMania weekend
Once again I opted for the less healthy choices.  Chad and I became the tag team champions at CicCi's Pizza.  We'd laid the smackdown on that buffet.  Then we doubled up at Redneck Heaven as I conquered a chili burger one night and then the big BLT during the next stop. Fast food became our partner too as we hit up McDonald's, Taco Bell and WhattaBurger.  My new hobby of craft beer consumption with my fellow Craftbeericans won't help either, but I'm keeping the mantra "everything in moderation" in mind.

Training for the River to River Relay
I've been back home nearly two weeks, and I've yet to make it to the gym.  But as I mentioned I am running more.  I don't feel like I've gained any weight, but I have definitely not seen in progress in finding my abs.  I will continue my quest and change my eating habits once again.  I've polished off all the Reese's Peanut Eggs from Easter, so half the battle has been won.

Stay tuned for an update in May.  We've got this.  We really do...

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