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How I'd handle a WWE brand extension

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Speculation has been running wild for a few weeks now that WWE will once again try the brand extension idea.  Years ago, I'll admit I didn't like the way it was executed.  But in 2016, it can work and here's how I'd do it.

NXT: Dallas
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First off, my idea involves more than just Raw and Smackdown.  I am including NXT in my plan because let's face it, it's no longer a "farm league" for WWE.  That being said, I think the company can create yet another brand that would be strictly a developmental "territory" for up and comers.  But I'll save that for another blog.

WrestleMania 32
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There would still be one WWE World Heavyweight champion.  He would defend his title on all three shows.  It would be like when I was growing up and World Class had a champion, as did Mid Atlantic, UWF and Central States.  Then the NWA World Heavyweight champion would visit those areas and defend his title.  I would do the same thing with the Women's and Tag Team champions.  When the title changes hands, the former champ goes to the show from which the new champion(s) came from.  Depending on the talent pool, this could lead to a secondary tag title and maybe even a women's tag team championship or secondary belt too.

WrestleMania 32
Courtesy: My 1-2-3 Cents
If and when the draft happens, I would not split up any of the current tag teams.  I feel like right now the division is finally getting some love.  The Intercontinental title would be defended exclusively on Raw, the U.S. title on Smackdown and the NXT title of course on NXT.  I'm still undecided on how to handle pay per views, but since the Network is available, there could be monthly specials for each brand.  The Big 4 could be talent from all three shows and feature a few "interbrand" matches.  For example a three-way Survivor Series match with the winning team getting the number 30 pick for the Royal Rumble or the majority of Superstars in the matchup.  

A brand extension can be beneficial to everyone involved.  Fans wouldn't get bored with the same Superstars headlining Raw and Smackdown every week.  Lesser used talents would get a chance to shine.  And with less weekly shows to be a part of, the injury risk would decrease.  I'm very excited about the future for WWE and I think Payback could spawn a new era for WWE fans.  *Fingers crossed*

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