Wednesday, February 10, 2016

One more match: Daniel Bryan

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Yes! Yes! Yes! I realize less than 48 hours ago Daniel Bryan announced his retirement. I completely agree with and support Bryan's decision.  I'm sure WWE had some influence in it as well, again Bryan's health comes before my (or any fans') entertainment.

Courtesy: WWE
However, I realize Bryan is not going out in ideal fashion.  I still have visions of seeing Ric Flair's "final" match at Wrestlemania 24 and the emotion and celebration involved.  The next night on Raw was one I'll never forget.  I was also in the crowd when The Undertaker tombstoned and pinned Shawn Michaels, ending his career in Phoenix six years ago.  I want Bryan to have that big moment too.  

Courtesy: WWE
There are plenty of great opponents Bryan could have "one more match" against.  Rather than name all the possibilities, I'm going to focus on one.  Even though he's also stepping away from the business or so it seems, I would love to have been able to see Kurt Angle wrestle Daniel Bryan.  Both men are phenomenal athletes who have accomplished virtually everything there is to in the wrestling business.

Kurt's best years are behind him, but he is still able to go.  I know wrestling is out for Daniel, at least in the foreseeable future, but it's my blog and I can dream if I want to.  While this match may never actually happen, one can hold out hope that Bryan's condition improves and he is able to have a successful run much like The Heartbreak Kid did from 2002 to 2010.  Again, a fan can dream...  If that's the case, Sami Zayn, Neville and Kevin Owens are a few of the opponents I'd like to see Bryan face.

Courtesy: WWE
Meanwhile, I again want to wish Daniel Bryan and his wife Brie nothing but the best.  I hope he is to find something to fulfill him like wrestling did.  I'm grateful for the years he was able to get in the ring and amaze fans.  His ability to adapt to every situation thrown his way is admirable and his love for the fans will not be forgotten.  #ThankYouDanielBryan.  You're one of the true greats.


  1. My brother used to love wrestling so much and would watch it all the time. I think I may have watched some of this guy’s matches too. Now we both find these ridiculous.

  2. Wrestling is one of the top ranked games watch daily by boys usually. WE is the most famous but i personally do not like it as a sport.