Monday, February 29, 2016

Motivational Monday: Start with the man in the mirror

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Disclaimer: I am not an expert, but the advice dispensed here has been researched or is something that has worked for me in the past.  Proceed at your own risk...

I saw this quote "If you're searching for that one person that will change your life, take a look in the mirror."  and immediately thought of the Michael Jackson song Man in the Mirror.  I've pondered the quote and the words from the song over the last few days and really if anyone is going to save you, it has to be you.

No matter what element of your life you want to change, the most important thing is doing more than just WANTING to change.  And make sure you really do want to change and understand the challenges involved.  Set up smaller daily goals to help reach the ultimate prize.  For example if you want a promotion or a new job, don't wait for someone to call you.  Be your own advocate.  Apply for at least three new jobs a week.  Follow up and continue to update your resume.

Running through the snow...

Over the weekend I was a part of the Southern Illinois Men's Expo.  One of the speakers is a marathon runner.  He said during his discussion if you really want to be a runner you have to train all the time.  If it's raining, prepare to get wet.  If you don't feel well, run anyway.  Too busy?  While you're waiting for your kid to finish soccer practice, run around the field.  

The point is you can make excuse after excuse for not achieving a goal.  Stop doing that and get started now.  When things get tough, trudge through.  Change isn't easy, but your life may be after change is made.  Believe in yourself more than anyone else and make the people who do support you proud.

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