Thursday, July 9, 2015

Tough Isn't Mean

The bottom 3
Photo courtesy: WWE
By Chad Smart
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The new season of Tough Enough is still new enough that I haven’t learned all the contestant’s names. Doesn’t help that I missed the second episode. What I do know is there are only two contestants who have made an impression on me enough for me to remember them five minutes after the show ended. Unfortunately, both of those contestants were in the bottom three on this week’s episode. 

Photo courtesy: WWE
On the guy side of the contest, as I mentioned on the My 1-2-3 Cents Facebook page, if ZZ doesn’t walk out of the contest with a developmental contract, something’s wrong.  While he may not be the best athlete, ZZ has shown more personality in the first five minutes then the rest of the guys combined in two full episodes.  While he may never be a WWE Champion, ZZ could easily make a career out of being the comedy wrestler WWE seems to enjoy having on the roster. Given that ZZ is only 18, there is plenty of time for him to mature, get in shape and hone skills needed to be a serious competitor.

On the female side, one contestant stood out for me for the exact opposite reason why the judges condemned her. Paige has taken issue with Sara Lee for being too nice and not mean enough.  While I understand Paige’s criticism, I feel Paige is missing a bigger point. 

Sara Lee
Photo courtesy: WWE
By not being mean, Sara Lee is avoiding the trappings engulfing the other females. Granted, given the WWE main roster Divas only have two personalities, “crazy mean girl” or “crazier mean girl,” WWE creative won’t know what to do with Sara Lee should she win Tough Enough. 

However, when I watch Tough Enough and see the catty, petty fighting going on between South American girl, Blonde girl and the others, Sara Lee appeals to me as a human because she’s not a shallow mean girl. It’s a breath of fresh air to see someone who appears to be more concerned with trying to learn and do her best instead of engaging in social media insults.  

Sure, if Sara Lee has a huge smile on her face while getting a Horseman style beat down, that would be bad. However, being, for lack of better word, innocent could play into Sara Lee’s character.  Sara Lee could show up on NXT next week as Bayley’s BFF. Two happy go lucky girls trying to achieve their dream of being WWE Divas. Or, since Bayley is having a change of attitude lately, Sara Lee could try to convince Bayley to turn back to her loveable character which would ead to a feud between the two. 

So Paige, should you read this, don’t criticize Sara Lee for being nice, criticize the other girls for fostering the played out bitchy stereotype.  Sara Lee, if you’re reading this, continue to be you. Being tough and being mean don’t necessarily go together.

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