Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Tag Team Troubles... Again

The Usos
Photo courtesy: WWE

By Kevin Hunsperger
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Once again the tag team scene in the WWE is struggling to stay alive.  Three great teams have been sidelined recently due to injuries.  While I wish all three Superstars who are hurt the best in their recovery, I'm also concerned about how the absences will affect what seemed to be a rebounding division.

In April Jey Uso suffered a dislocated shoulder which required surgery.  Doctors say his road to recovery will be six months, which would put him back sometime October potentially.  

Kidd's surgically repaired neck
Courtesy @KiddWWE 

Tyson Kidd, who had recently formed what I consider the best team on the scene today with Cesaro, just underwent major neck surgery after suffering an injury in a match against Samoa Joe.  Kidd tweeted out a pic of his surgically repaired neck and explained the road to recovery will be long.  Speculation is that he'll be out for up to a year.   I feel bad for Kidd as I would argue he's one of the most underrated talents in the WWE.  Since forming the team with Cesaro, I felt like both men were finally getting some solid support from the team backstage.  It's a setback for sure, but I hope Kidd comes back stronger than before and ready to dominate again, hopefully with Cesaro.

Harper & Rowan
Photo courtesy: WWE
Erik Rowan and Luke Harper have finally reunited as a team.  The two were back together briefly before Rowan suffered a torn bicep and will likely be out until the end of 2015.  I really thought the reunion of the two would lead them to a run as tag team champions in the near future.  I hope when he returns, the opportunity to team with Harper again is there.

Ryder & Rawley
Photo courtesy: WWE
On NXT, a new duo has formed with Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley.  I like their spirit and energy and I wish the team nothing but success.  I really hope WWE focuses on developing a few more teams as it looks like three major ones on the roster will be on the sidelines for months to come.  Good luck to Uso, Kidd and Rowan on the road to recovery. You're already missed. The Prime Time Players, The New Day, LuchaDragons and Los Matadores need more competition.

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