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SummerSlam A to Z: Cage Matches

Courtesy: WWE

By Kevin Hunsperger
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The 28th SummerSlam is just around the corner and the event has featured four traditional cage matches, two Lion’s Den matches (more on that in the letter L) and one Hell in a Cell.  So for the letter C, we’re going to talk about the (traditional) cage matches.

Ultimate Warrior vs. Rick Rude: '90
Courtesy: WWE
The first time “Big Blue” was erected at the annual event was SummerSlam 1990.  The Ultimate Warrior defended the WWF World heavyweight title against the man he beat the year before for the Intercontinental title, “Ravishing” Rick Rude.  The two had quite a rivalry brewing through the years, starting at the 1989 Royal Rumble.  Like all good feuds, this one came to an end inside the steel cage.  Even though I was a Warrior fan, I had hoped Rude would win the belt and stick around, but unfortunately, that was not the case.  The two had a great outing though.

Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart '94
Courtesy: WWE
Four years later, the WWF championship was defended in the cage again.  This time Owen Hart sought the title his big brother Bret wore with honor.  The Owen-Bret feud was the hottest rivalry going at the time.  It only made sense that these two competitors get revenge on one another inside Big Blue.  Like Rick Rude, I feel like Owen could have won the gold.  In a different era, I have no doubt both men would have been the champ.

Mankind vs. HHH '97
Courtesy: WWE
SummerSlam 97 featured a cage match that didn’t involve any championships, just pure hatred.  A babyface Mankind challenged the newly crowned King of the Ring Hunter Hearst Helmsley. Mick Foley channeled Jimmy Snuka that night and perched himself (almost) on top of the cage and dropped an elbow onto a prone HHH.  Moments later he would climb over the top of the cage as Chyna drug Hunter through the door.  Mankind dropped to the floor first and won the match. 

Kane & Undertaker vs. DDP & Kanyon
Courtesy: WWE

In 2001 the Brothers of Destruction (Kane and the Undertaker) beat Diamond Dallas Page and Kanyon to unify the WCW and WWE tag team championships.  It was a lackluster match in my opinion.  I had big hopes for DDP in WWE, but he was nearing the end of his career by that point and the company obviously had different plans.  It was a match I didn’t think NEEDED to be in a cage like the previous three.  This was also the first and only SummerSlam cage match not held in the Big Blue. 

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