Wednesday, January 21, 2015

There's No Crying in Wrestling

Photo taken by @chrisolds2009

By Kevin Hunsperger
@kevinhunsperger & @my123cents on Twitter

A lot of people on social media are talking about an incident that happened at Raw this week, in which Triple H apparently brought a young fan tears.  It happened during the main event when John Cena was battling Seth Rollins, Big Show and Kane.  The young fan, clearly a Cena fan, started crying after Triple H said something to the boy.  I haven't read what caused the tears, but I am going to assume Triple H was playing his heel character role and said something negative about Cena.

I think it's what happened after the comments and the tears that have so many fans talking.  As you can see in the pictures, Triple H breaks character and consoles the boy.  After the show the little guy received several gifts from the company.

Photo taken by @chrisolds2009
Like I mentioned, I don't know what Triple H said to the kid, but I'm sure it was nothing personal about the young fan.  Maybe it was, and if that's the case then I'd be more critical of Hunter. We've gotta remember, he's a heel.  Upsetting the fans is what he and all bad guys are supposed to do.  But I know there are boundaries, especially in the new anti-bully, Be a Star era.  I just can't imagine someone in Trips' position would cross that line.

None-the-less, the move to console the boy in front of the crowd is commendable.  I'm not bothered that he "broke character" to do it.  He did what he felt was right and at the end of the day it was best for business.  It puts him in a good light as the heir apparent to the WWE Kingdom and gets the WWE a ton of PR in a week that the company has been slammed over a concussion controversy on Good Morning America.

My bottom line with this is I don't have a problem either way with what Triple H said/did.  The comments were likely character driven, so he was doing his job.  His actions later were corporate and went a long way to make this young boy and his family feel better about their WWE experience.  I'm sure they'll be repeat customers as a result.


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