Sunday, January 18, 2015

Don't Crush Rusev

Rusev & Lana
Photo Courtesy: WWE
By Kevin Hunsperger
@kevinhunsperger & @my123cents on Twitter

There's been a lot of buzz on different wrestling websites that Rusev's streak of not being pinned or forced to submit will come to an end at Wrestlemania 31.  While I don't want that to happen, it's the man people are saying will end that streak that bothers me: John Cena.  I have nothing against Cena, but I think making him the man to beat Rusev is not "what's best for business."

Dominating Big E
Photo courtesy: WWE
Again this is just a rumor, and even if it's not true, I wanted to take the opportunity to talk about one of the fastest rising stars on the main roster right now.  I'll be honest, I wasn't a big fan of Rusev's in NXT.  I was disappointed when he ended up being the pick to represent the brand in the 2014 Royal Rumble.

Winning the U.S. Title
Photo courtesy: WWE
But over the last 12 months Rusev and his manager Lana have grown on me.  In fact, they've become one of the highlights for me on Raw each week.  I've enjoyed the dominance Rusev has displayed, eventually beating Sheamus for the United States Championship.  Having John Cena end that doesn't benefit anyone, at least in my opinion.  Who should end Rusev's reign?  I'm not sure that I have an answer right now, but I don't see anyone on the current roster I'd like in that role (including Ryback).

Kozlov vs. Shawn Michaels
Photo courtesy: WWE
I realize I'm being quick to judge, but I'm reminded of other guys who were first brought into the WWE as dominate monster heels.  Lord Tensai and Kozlov immediately come to mind.  In fact, at one point I was so convinced about Kozlov, I thought he could have been a serious threat to the Undertaker's Wrestlemania streak several years ago.  Kozlov then turned face and joined Santino as a comedic tag team before he was eventually "future endeavored." Tensai picked up some key wins on TV against Cena and Triple H, but it wasn't long before he was dancing in the ring with Brodus Clay before disappearing only to resurface on the announce team of NXT.  

The Rock lays the smack down
Photo courtesy: WWE
I don't want to see Lana and Rusev subjected to a similar fate. I believe he's still got a ton of untapped potential and  I fear that if Cena or anyone else on the current roster (or a part-timer coming back) ends Rusev's streak, he'll be lost in the shuffle.  Eventually the time will come for him to lose, but who that person is to pick up the win is critical to the future of Rusev and the man who wins the match.

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