Tuesday, July 1, 2014

UPDATE: 14 Goals in 2014

Half marathon: Check
By Kevin Hunsperger
@kevinhunsperger & @my123cents on Twitter

At the end of 2013, I posted a blog with 14 goals for 2014.  Since we're halfway through the year, I decided to go back and see how I've been doing.  As always, I'm sharing it with you, hopefully to be motivated to work harder.

1.  Run a Half Marathon:  Check.  I did it in February.  It was a huge challenge, but I did it.  I also boosted my goal for milage in 2014 to 600.  As of today (July 1), I'm 34% of the way there. Obviously I've got some work to do...

2.  Do DDP Yoga 3 times a week:  I started off strong on this, but have fallen short in recent months. Refocusing my efforts and going to try to at least do it twice a week now.

3. Reach 750,000 page views on this blog: A work in progress.  I'm up to 495,501 as of this moment.  When I posted that goal six months ago I was at 405,000.  So I've got a long way to go and not a whole lot of time to get there, so share this website.  It seems blogs about my failures in life bringing in the page views.  What do you like reading about?

4. Reach 500,000 video views on my YouTube Channel: Another work in progress.  Right now I'm at 304,293 views.  When I made this goal I was at 269,000.  Long way to go, so share this channel please and thank you.  Wrestling interviews are my most viewed videos, but what do you want to see?

5.  Start a Podcast:  When we can add more hours in a day, that'll happen.  It's something I still want to do before the close of the year.

Let's juice
6.  Eat at least five servings of fruits & vegetables everyday:  Pretty sure I've been consistent with this.  We bought a juicer a while back, and I'm getting at least three or four servings a day with just that.  I supplement throughout the day with apples, bananas, carrots, and a variety of peppers. 

7.  Give up extra sodas during the week:  I'm doing well with this.  I still have a vanilla diet Coke on Fridays at CrossRoads Coffee Company.  I also drink diet soda on the weekend, but I've stopped drinking it during the week.

8.  Watch more wrestling:  I haven't really done much of that, despite having access to the WWE Network.  I catch Raw each week and I do get to watch the pay per view events.  I still need to be consistent with catching Ring of Honor, Chikara, and TNA.

Our trip ziplining back in January
9.  Spend more time doing family things:  We're doing well with this one too. We kicked off the year zip lining to celebrate my son's birthday.  We have also done more through the summer with road trips to baseball tournaments.  Plus, we're hitting Disney World in the fall.

10.  Sleep at least six hours a night:  See number 5.

11.  Help more with the finances:  My wife balances the books here, and mostly still does.  Gotta step that up, and get more cash flow going here too.  Again, share this website! 

12.  Read three books:  See number 10.

An evening at the theater
13.  Have more date nights with my wife:  We've had some fun outings with each other and our friends. Karaoke, wine drinking, and a big extended weekend getaway to New York for a wedding.  It was an awesome time, and I look forward to more nights out soon.

14.  Focus more time on anchoring the news:  A work in progress.  I am putting more prep time into each show, and I think it's beginning to show.  I'm not gonna win an Emmy anytime soon, but I feel like am improving.

Six months from today we'll start 2015 and new goals will be in place.  My hope is that many of these goals from 2014 have a check mark by them when the clock strikes midnight.

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