Friday, July 25, 2014

The Buzz on Sting

By Kevin Hunsperger
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For years now, many wrestling fans have waited eagerly for Sting to sign on the dotted line and join WWE.  Now that it's actually happened the question is, will the former WCW and TNA heavyweight champion step into the ring?  It's my hope that he has at least a couple of matches in WWE, gets inducted into the Hall of Fame, and calls it a career.

Obviously this didn't happen...
But who should the Stinger do battle with?  For me, it raises more questions than answers.  Do you bring in a legend like Sting and have him put over the younger talent?  Should he face equally great legends and let the cards fall where they may?  The speculation for last couple of years was that Sting and Undertaker would rumble at Wrestlemania.  Now that The Streak is over, talk ramped up even more, but with Undertaker's health status unknown, I'm not sure it'll ever happen.

The face of WWE
Photo courtesy: WWE
If WWE is looking for a big blockbuster match and create that "Wrestlemania Moment", I'd say as of right now, (July 25, 2014) the company would have to make Sting's opponent John Cena.  I know right now Cena is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.  I don't think that's going to last for long, much less all the way to Mania.  Cena remains the company's top active star.  Fans can hate that statement all they want, but someone please disprove it.

By the time Wrestlemania 31 rolls around in March, Sting will have just celebrated his 57th birthday. I'm not suggesting that his age will impede him, but I do think it'll play a factor in the match (any match for that matter)  I'm torn on how I'd exactly book the match.  On one hand, Cena doesn't need the win to prove anything.  His legacy in WWE was cemented a long time ago.  Sting has nothing to prove either, but for someone of his status, I'd like to see a win at the biggest event of the year.

Other worthy challengers: Bray Wyatt & Daniel Bryan
Photo courtesy: WWE
For the marquee value, Cena would be my opponent for Sting. (Undertaker and The Rock, I know both part-part timers would be my other picks)  However, in terms of the future and developing the next round of talent, one would think having Sting put over Daniel Bryan, Bray Wyatt, or even Dolph Ziggler would lead to instant greatness.  That is all dependent though on how WWE packages the victor after the match.  The other conundrum I see with that idea is that I'm guessing Sting's matches will be limited, and I don't necessarily want to see him only being solely used in to put over guys, although it certainly wouldn't hurt his star power if that were to happen.

My favorite version of Sting
Photo courtesy: WWE
So I've picked a few of the guys I want to see Sting in the ring against, I just can't come up with the best way to execute the match.  Oh, I'd also have "Beach Bum" Sting in these matches.  I always liked that persona and look more than the Crow and Joker versions, but I'm weird like that.  I also know that won't happen. So who would you put Sting against in the WWE?

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