Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Way Back WhensDay: The Lion King

Courtesy: Disney 
By Kevin Hunsperger
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It's hard to believe that the 20th anniversary of Disney's The Lion King just passed.  My wife and I were in college still, and having had our love for Disney movies rekindled with Aladdin, we couldn't wait to see film.   The movie did not disappoint.

Not only did we embrace this film, but also took the plunge into all the marketing gimmicks that go along with a Disney release.  We had the soundtrack, to which my wife and her friend sang along with at the top of their lungs while jumping on the bed.  I was not impressed.  I bought her a plush Simba that purred and I had a plush Pumba.  What 21 year old wouldn't, right?  I had ordered a God awful (in hindsight) Lion King sweatshirt from the Disney catalog.  It had all the characters on front.  I wish I could find a pic to share, but I can't and that shirt is long gone, surprisingly...

Saving Simba
Courtesy: Sega/Disney
When I got my Sega Genesis later that year, one of the first games I got was the Lion King.  I loved playing that game.  I've never been much of a gamer, but I'd say I logged more hours on that game and trying to get Simba and Nala to end of the adventure than any of my other games, including Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game.

The cast
Courtesy: Disney
The movie has stood the test of time and easily remains one of my all-time favorite Disney films.  The animation, the story, the music, the characters (Timon & Pumba are my favorites) and the actors who voiced them all gelled together perfectly.  Twenty years later, I still like to watch and am glad to say I've shared the masterpiece with my kids.  Hakuna matata.

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