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14 Goals for 2014

Running the Carterville Twilight 5K
By Kevin Hunsperger
@kevinhunsperger & @my123cents on Twitter

As 2013 comes to a close, it's time to look ahead to a new year.  I had some fun and success in 2013, with the biggest milestone being turning 40.  I also reached my running goal of hitting 500 miles.  Now, I'm writing up 14 goals for 2014.  I hope by doing this I will be more accountable.  I've learned when setting goals or making resolutions, remember KISS (keep it simple and specific).

When December 31, 2014 rolls around, I don't fully expect to have accomplished everything on this list, but I hope to have at least tried.  So if you haven't written down your goals for the new year, join me in doing it.  You don't have to share it with the world, but at least have something to track your progress.  And before I forget, thanks for reading this blog and showing your support through the years.

1.  Run a half marathon.  Since 2011 I've started running again.  In high school I kinda ran Cross Country.  Some 20+ years later, I'm running more than I ever have before.  In 2013 I hit my goal of running 500 miles.  I've competed in two Warrior Dashes, a color run, and multiple 5Ks.  It seems the next logical step is a half marathon.  My plan as of right now (December 30, 2013) is to run the "Fly With The Eagles" half marathon in February.

Doing DDP Yoga
2.  Do DDP Yoga at least 3 times a week.  I started doing DDP Yoga about six months ago, but I have yet to find a balance and keep up with it.  It's hard to strike that balance of running and trying to fit in the yoga too.  But along with the yoga comes my desire to really improve not just my health but my appearance too.  I'm going to be 41 in a few months, and I've never really considered myself to be "in shape."  In 2014, that will change.  Even though DDP advises against it, I think I need to hit the gym more often too.

3.  Reach 750,000 page views on this blog. This is quite a lofty goal.  After 3 years and 3 months of blogging, I'm at 405,000 page reads.  Part of my plan for 2014 is to write at least 300 blogs.  Since changing the focus from wrestling to other areas of life, more readers are checking out my writing (and Chad's when he's inspired to post something).

4.  Reach 500,000 views on my YouTube channel. If you haven't already, please subscribe to my YouTube channel.  I'm at just over 269,000 right now.  I know I shouldn't be so focused on the numbers, but it's something I obsess about all the time.  Like the blog, I'm posting about more than just wrestling over there too.

5.  Start a Podcast. Now that From the Rafters Radio has officially wrapped up, I'd love to try to do a podcast.  My biggest worry at this point is having the time to actually do one and do it right.  Stay tuned for more details if this one starts to develop.

An apple a day...
6.  Eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day.  For the most part, I eat pretty healthy, but there's room for improvement, especially on the weekends.  When we do go out to eat, I'm passing on the twisted potatoes (a weakness of mine) and getting a veggie side instead.  

7.  Give up the extra sodas during the week.  I am obsessed with fountain Coke Zero with a splash of vanilla flavoring.  Earlier in 2013, I had weaned myself off daily sodas and started drinking coffee.  I was only drinking soda on Friday and Saturday.  But then I got to the point where I was grabbing a soda when I was out on a story or having one on Sunday because I'm so addicted to the caffeine.  I know I should give them up completely, and I will work toward that someday, but right now I'm good with cutting myself back to just those two days a week.

8.  Watch more wrestling. I know my wife will not want to hear that one, but really, I only watch Monday Night Raw on a regular basis.  2013 I watched very few episodes of SmackDown!, Impact, or NXT.  I think to be a wrestling blogger, I should broaden my horizons.  I want to see more indy stuff too, but I don't know how realistic that will be in this area.

Holiday World 2012
9.  Spend more time doing family things. I know I'm painting myself in a corner with some of these aspirations and goals.  The good thing is, I get home from work two to three hours before my kids come home from school.  With some improved time management, I can get things knocked out while I'm home alone.  That will free up more time in the evenings and weekends to do more family oriented things.  My oldest son is in 8th grade, and before you know it, he'll be heading off to college.  I don't want him to leave and think "I wish we would have done more together."

10.  Sleep at least six hours a night. Again, I see the conundrum, but I have to make this work.  Right now I get about five hours of sleep a night.  Some nights it's less.  Fewer nights it's more.  I think to be able to tackle all these other lofty goals I'm going to have to be well rested and in turn that will help me to function better.

11.  Help more with the finances.  As I'm writing this, my wife asked "Are you going to add something about helping more with the finances?"  So like any smart man I said yes.  After all, happy wife, happy life.  I am notorious for letting her handle all that stuff.  I did finally figure out how the online banking system works and will be helping more in that regard each month.  Now, if only there was a way to get more green added to that account.

Book worm? Hardly
12. Read three books.  That doesn't sound like much, but I'm addicted to my iPad and iPhone and have not read a book cover to cover since wrapping up the Harry Potter series three years ago.  I think reading more and playing less Song Pop, Words with Friends, and various other apps on my phone will be a good thing.

13. Have more date nights with my wife. Now that are kids are getting older, we don't have the excuse of not wanting to hire a babysitter anymore.  I want to spend more time as a couple.  Family time is important, but I love when we're able to get out just the two of us.  These don't have to be expensive outings either.  I'm thinking of simple things we can do that won't cost an arm and a leg.

14. Focus more time on anchoring the news.  I've been anchoring the morning news for more than nine years now.  Of course through the years, I have improved, but I need to pick up my game.  My stumbles need to go away.  I'm working hard to accomplish this one.

Okay, that's my 14 goals for 2014.  Check back again in a year and hopefully my year in review I'll have checked some of these things of the list.  Thanks again for reading and the support.

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